Tuesday, August 23, 2016


May I not be one of Those People
who always complain about the weather.

But I will tell you about it ;D

Summer showed up kind of late this year.
And in this rainy part of the world,
we really really look forward to it,
and we notice when it fails us...

this was the last day of school in June:

Gunnar and I went for a walk.
Notice what he's wearing?
A fleece jacket.

For good reason.

This is our friend Frank, aka "Fat Cat" (his owner introduced us).
Frank is kind of like a dog.
He comes out to say "hi" when we walk by.
Apparently he also walks the neighbor kids up the hill to school.
We like Frank.

We continued on our walk.
Frank stayed home.

Cool weather is good for flowers.

And we liked this little "fairy house" in someone's hedge.

We picked Tate up from the high school for the last time.

June 14. 

 And had our traditional end-of-the-school-year treat at Lafeen's,
where the boys can have a doughnut bigger than their heads.

 And we were launched into summer :D

The weather may be cold, but at least we have warm friends!

And I'm getting good use out of my new, brighter craft space :D

This is my new view...
wouldn't life be better without overhead power lines?

Now this just isn't fair...
while we were still waiting for summer to work its sunshiny magic on us,


Ridiculous to be bothered, yah?  When I live in a place as lovely as this?

And that's enough about that.

I'll tell you what I can't figure out though.
Why don't I get more done in the summer?
With all that free time, right?
And it just zips by!

It probably has something to do with driving someone to work,
someone to music lessons,
packing one off to a week of Worldview Academy,
spending a week at Fiddle Camp with another one,
helping the older one prep for backpacking,
moving furniture from one room to another,
visiting with my neighbors...

But still.


When you do things,
things get done.

But it seems like the rest of the family
are doing the things!

And that's fine.

That's June-uary.

Might as well roll with it.

And have a little giggle along the way ;D

For those who shower periodically.

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Monica said...

Oh goodness! That's a cold June! We've had a very HOT summer. Only this week has it let up and given us some relief. By this weekend we will be back into the 90's. Love all your beautiful pictures.
The shower pic cracked me up. My nerdy middle daughter will love it!