Sunday, September 4, 2016

Goodbye Lazy Summer Days

I'm a stay-home home-schooling mom,
who is slowly but surely working herself out of a job.

With Wyatt and Tate both in college (starting in a couple weeks),
and Gunnar going part-time to the high school,
you'd think I'd have all the free time in the world

Not so much!

And this is the time of year to be busy and productive...
new beginnings, fresh start, lots to do!

I'm going to miss the lazy summer days :D

Nearly every day in the summer
I spend some time with my neighbors.
Who are also my cousins.

Aren't they cute?

Ralph is a retired fireman.

Bea worked and raised two boys.

They tell me,
"Getting old ain't for sissies."
And they know what they're talking about.

Bea knits and quilts.
She has made and donated about a million kids' quilts.
(No, I never exaggerate.
What makes you ask?)

She donates a LOT.

And she gives me fabric and yarn and treats :D

And we reciprocate,
recently with berries the boys picked.

I just love having the kind of neighbors that don't mind
(in fact they actually like it)
when I have to send a boy over at 8am to borrow an egg or a cup of flour.

Wishing you warm and friendly neighbors across your back fence.


melanie said...

How fun! I don't recall you sharing before that Bea is your cousin :-)
Tell her I recognize that cute froggie flannel!

Ann Hibbard said...

I'd still love to be your neighbor!! :D

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Actually Ralph is my cousin, so Bea is my cousin by marriage - love them both :D

You know I'd love having you all for neighbors!