Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Grasshopper Days

Grasshopper Days

For today, Tuesday, September 27, 2016

First day of BTC, last week!

Outside my window...
beautiful sunshine, a clear blue sky, and fall colors all around.
Just about a perfect day :D

Gunnar, off to the high school.

Gunnar sighing in frustration,
using the microscope to examine pond life and finding it difficult to focus. 

Walking at sunrise

frustration is part of life.
Be frustrated,
but not angry.

Looking for my "friends"

for growth in tolerating frustration!

Still looking...

* the boys seem to be getting into a good routine
(but as soon as I say that...)
* we're all enjoying this Indian Summer
* Tate's work schedule has lightened up
* only one more week of CERT class

Ah, there they are

capri jeans, purple t-shirt.
Stunning, I know.


my own routine,
with time to read and study :D

to get pizza for my boys :D

Total Truth, by Nancy Pearcey.
NOT bedtime reading.
Desk-and-notes reading.

Love the fall colors!

studying the book of John
in my (new!) BSF study.

I could hear a woodpecker, but couldn't find him.

Looking forward to...
Gunnar and Kerry (especially Gunnar)
have been looking forward to a Lindsay Stirling concert
tomorrow night!

Maybe I couldn't see the woodpecker I heard,
but we know they're around!

In the kitchen...
leftover pork roast,
and it's pizza day :D

In the learning rooms...
Gunnar found a paramecium!

Around the house...
got my fall decorations out,
and - hurray! - my pumpkin spice candles :D

The source for Gunnar's pond water observations/experiment.

Noticing that...
I think Gunnar has discovered a new odor.
Not a good one.
So thankful this is a warm day and we can have
all the windows open while he
works with his stink pots of fetid muck.

Something to remember for later...
Gunnar actually comes up with some pretty clever/funny things at times.
Like naming Wyatt's Nissan "Liam".
Or calling Tate's rabbit "Poly",
for "NaPOLY-on Bunny-parte"

The Mother Load...
considerably smaller than last week,
though there are big items that are really more of winter projects
than "mother load" items...
* still with the windows...
* drop off at Goodwill
* drop off at Consignment
* cull files
* get milk
(how can we be OUT OF MILK when I buy six gallons at a time?)

Something fun to share...
some pretty fall photos,
coming right up...

A favorite quote for today...

by Jack Prelutsky

The leaves are yellow, red and brown,
A shower sprinkles softly down
And the air is fragrant, crisp and cool,
And once again, I'm stuck in school.

Out my window...

One of my favorite things...
the changing seasons.

A Bible verse...

Psalm 119:45
... and I shall walk in
a wide place,
for I have sought
Your precepts.

A few plans for the rest of the week...
boys to CAP tonight,
everyone is busy with school work,
Gunnar and Kerry off to a concert in Vancouver tomorrow,
CERT "final exam" on Thursday
(hint: it's a disaster scenario),
lunch with a friend on Wednesday,
see the dentist with Tate
(i.e. oral surgeon for wisdom teeth),
and the usual round of cleaning and washing and cooking and laundry...

A peek into my world...
or my dogwood tree :D

Happy Fall!


RogersUIO said...

Are you enjoying your BSF class? We've been involved with that in various ways for the past 15 years and always appreciated the level of learning and teaching. I love the fall colors that you share!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Yes! I'm loving it :D I really appreciate the structure/accountability that's built in. And I'm loving the fall colors too!

Choate Family said...

Keep those gorgeous fall photos coming! Thank you for sharing your beautiful corner of the world :-)