Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Grasshopper Days and Testosterzone Summer

Grasshopper Days

For today, Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Outside my window...  warm sunshine - hallelujah,
but there's a hint of fall in the air.
The mornings are cool and dewy,
and the days are noticeably shorter.

But instead of photos of today,
how about these from last month?
We were at my parents' beach with friends,
and the boys got to go tubing!

Two of mine, plus a friend.

Hearing...  the neighbor's motorcycle has squeaky brakes.

Pondering...  I think my brain has gotten rusty!
I'm trying to do some reading,
and realize that I need a Bible and pen and paper
right next to me
to get the value out of some of these books!

Praying...  for the boys :D

* Wyatt *
needs a direction, a goal.
Yes, the immediate goal is to finish his AA in December.
And then?

* Tate *
has registered for twenty credits fall quarter.
And has a job.
And is working on a promotion at CAP.
And is finishing up a CERT class.
(Community Emergency Response Team.)

* Gunnar *
is adjusting to a much fuller schedule as well.
He's also taking the CERT class,
taking three classes at the high school,
three at home,
and continuing to advance at CAP.
And we'll pick up the violin lessons again
when CERT finishes.


I'm everyone's manager.

Pray for me!

Thankful...  Kerry continues to have work :D

While Gunnar is still frustrated by the amount of work he has,
he's doing it more cheerfully.

Wearing...  blue jean shorts and a teal t-shirt.
Because I am all that and a bag of chips ;D

Creating... new plans, new goals, new rhythms,
for this new season of life.

Going...  to bed early tonight!

Reading...  just finished Wendell Berry's Jayber Crow,
(that's not the one I need a pen and paper for!)
and starting a Nancy Pearcey book.

Looking forward to...  moving the furniture around.
I know, it's a thrill a minute over here!

In the kitchen...  lasagna for dinner tonight.
From a box.
Because my three-day headache is (I hope?) finally abating.

In the learning rooms...  Gunnar,
working diligently on his Biology
review of the first chapter.
Test tomorrow!
He already had his first history test - 95% :D
Good job, Gunnar!

Around the house...  dust.
Wyatt and Tate are doing some digging under the house,
and somehow the dust works its way into the house.

Noticing that...  oh!
Gunnar just told me that the "substitute" for his Spanish class
is now the all-year-teacher.
All righty then.
Works for me,
because he really likes this teacher :D

Something to remember for later...  see the photo below,
CAP is doing good things for my boys :D
Gunnar just promoted to Master Sergeant,
and Tate gave the monthly Safety Briefing,
completely off-the-cuff
and did well :D

The Mother Load...
Let's not go there right now.
Not until the headache is truly gone.

Something fun to share...  driving the boys to their Thursday night CERT class
means a chance to hang out with my friend Sara :D
(Her oldest two are also in the class.)

A favorite quote for today...  

If your goal is purity of heart,
be prepared to be thought very odd.
Elisabeth Elliot

One of my favorite things...
warm, breezy, sunny fall days with hardly any flies :D

A Bible verse...
Psalm 111:2
Great are the works of the Lord,
studied by all who delight in them.
Full of splendor and majesty is His work,
and His righteousness endures forever.

Now isn't that a great reason to homeschool?
We study the works of the Lord because we delight in them,
and in Him.

A few plans for the rest of the week...

gee, now that the week is half gone...

* keep Gunnar on track with his school work
* make sure Tate and Wyatt have everything they need to start school
(we bought Tate's books today)
* hang out with my friend Sara tomorrow evening
* check out Bible Study Fellowship tomorrow morning
* get full use out of the minions before they're busy with school work
(i.e. make them do chores)

A peek into my world...

somebody forgot to check their pockets
and sent some tissues through the laundry.

(It was me.)

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Monica said...

I love all the pictures in this post. We are hanging onto summer as long as we can here. Even though our pool is drained.
Your young men are awesome. I'm thinking the counselor should be working with Wyatt to help him decided what is next in his schooling; if there is more...
Will be praying for you! You are one busy momma! ;)