Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday Brain Dump

A few thoughts and a few (unrelated) giggles for your weekend...

1.  Yes, it's Friday,
but it doesn't feel like it.

We are two weeks into September,
two weeks,
 and there is no (public) school today
because the teachers need a work-day.

I'm all for teachers
and giving them what they need,
but already?
While Gunnar and I are happy for the day off,
I think it's all a plot to make the school year longer.


Wyatt and Tate are mowing the neighbors weeds.
I'd say the "lawn",
but the grass is too dry to grow,
so really they're just knocking the weeds down.
Because - of course - weeds apparently don't need rain to grow.

Gunnar is downstairs practicing his violin.

He's never said this,
but I'm sure he's thought it.
(Haven't we all?)

2.  Wyatt and Tate go back to school on Tuesday.

C'mon, Wyatt, just one more quarter.
Please do more than the bare minimum to pass and graduate.

And Tate,
my rocket-on-the-launch-pad-with-rumbling-engines,
please leave yourself some margin in your life!

3.  My boys in college...

I remember my years in public high school and college,
and pray that it is a positive and productive time in their lives.

Michael Farris, of the HSLDA,
(the Home School Legal Defense Association)
wrote of the students at Patrick Henry College,

There are times that I get a bit jealous of our students.
My experience as a student in secular colleges was quite different.
Although I was a Christian, I often found myself integrated
into the general patterns of student life.
At times, I tried to stand up for what I believed,
but much of the time I lived a kind of a PG-13 version
of the R-rated world swirling around me.

We can do so much better!

4.  I went to my first Bible Study Fellowship this week.

With Gunnar going to p/t high school,
I'm in a whole new universe!

And how dorky is it that I felt kind of nervous when I got there
and saw all the cars, and all the women?!

Because really,
here are women gathering
because they want to study God's Word.
That should be one of the nicest groups of people on the planet, right?

And they were really nice.

Also, they are MANY.
So many that they may not have (literal) space for all the newcomers.
So I wait for an call or email to see if I got in.

5.  I got to hang out with my friend Sara last night.

Our kids are involved in CAP together and are taking the CERT class.
So sometimes while they're occupied,
we hang out, grab a bite,
and solve all the world's problems over Taco Bell's Cinnabon nuggets.

Went to WallyWorld with a budget to spend on someone else,
and isn't that fun?!
Now to package it all up and get it in the mail :D

6.  And now I need to think about lunch for the boybarians,
because they're all heading out to the rifle range with Grandpa Grasshopper
to sight in a new rifle.

And because it's just plain fun to shoot.

7.  Lastly, for all the "princesses" and "maidens" out there...

Have a fabulous weekend!

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