Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Sometimes You Just Need To Get Away

The literal side of me is having trouble with saying "need" there,
but I'm going to roll with it.

Heading up into the mountains

Kerry and I have our anniversary in May, which is a great month to get married.
(I suppose any month is a good month to get married ;D)
But not such a good month for a getaway.

Fresh snow below the pass!

Here in the PNW, after months of rain and darkness, the weather is finally warming up, the days are getting long, and everything seems to be bursting into bloom and growing like it's on steroids. It's a pretty good time to be here!

Waterfall :D

But oh the long, dark winters...

A lot of that vivid red are wild blueberry bushes.

Bad weather usually sets in around October, and that's when I like to get away.
And now that the boys are as old as they are, we can just... go.
It's pretty amazing, really :D
So we did.

Near Leavenworth - aaahhhhh

Washington is basically rectangular, and divided by the Cascade Mountains.
We live on the wet side, near the ocean. Nice and green. LOTS of rain. 

I'm intrigued by the foot bridge...

But the other side is much drier and brighter.

... but I won't be crossing it!

Better fall colors, too.

I love love love this house and its location

Just what I tell myself I need, before the long dark season.

And we have a place we like to go in Winthrop.
Kind of rustic,

The River Run Inn

really quiet,

and what a view to welcome us!

Right on the Methow River,

and did I mention the aspens?
I love those trees :D

We brought books and projects,
and pretty much holed up at the Inn,

venturing out each day to do a bit of hiking

and exploring.

Tawlks Foster Suspension Bridge

The Methow Valley has a huge network of trails,

perfect for hiking,


mountain biking,

and x-country skiing in the winter.

Loup Loup Pass Ski Area

I always feel like I'm storing up the brightness

Larch trees!

and the vivid colors

to carry me through the winter ahead.

Happy late anniversary to us :D

I love the sound of the water :D 

The most direct route from our hometown to Winthrop crosses a pass

that closes for several months each winter.

We got through just in time -
it closed a few days after we crossed back to the rainy side.


Monica said...

Beautiful pictures Julie! Thank you for sharing with us. I would love to visit out that way in the summer months. I don't like a lot of snow and cold! :)

Herding Grasshoppers said...

I just checked our forecast... maybe more snow this weekend. Crazy! I'm ready for spring and warm weather :D

Monica said...

Please come visit me some time at
for my everyday blogging. I do my book reviews on blogger...
SO glad you are posting again. I don't every day and I don't usually have a lot to share since the kids are all gone but it's fun and I still enjoy my blog world friends! :)