Wednesday, November 14, 2018

And on Saturday...

We met up at Pugh's Old Mill - a north Little Rock park.

True confession: I've never seen Gone With The Wind,
but evidently this park is famous for being featured in the movie.

The park is in a beautiful setting,
though it's not as old as it looks.

Most of the wood and the
ancient-looking vines and roots (like the bridge above)
are... concrete.

Still, it's truly a beautiful place,
and obviously well-loved.

MANY people were enjoying the park and the mild weather
on a Saturday afternoon.
In the brief time we were there, 
we saw a wedding and
what must have been a quinceanera,
complete with a Disney-princess-worthy (ie huge) dress
that required help to maneuver through the park!

My visit to Arkansas was really much more about people than sight-seeing,
and we three mamas got some valuable time sitting and talking
while the kids roamed around.

It sure didn't feel like November to me!

I think that's Lantana above,
and Elephant Ear below. 

I should've gotten one of the kids in the photo...
it was huge!

We were missing Sarah and Benjamin,
but the rest of the kids enjoyed time together :D

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