Friday, February 10, 2012

Another Friday Brain Dump

Well, it's Friday again.  Hallelujah.  And after the insanely busy earlier part of the week, the last few days have been pleasantly... dull.  I wish I had something exciting to share but that would require that something exciting happened over here, and I can promise you that isn't the case.  

Fortunately, I kind of like routine days, when ordinary things happen.  Things that remind me how glad I am to be here for them.

1.  I love how Gunnar (who is ten years old and has an astounding vocabulary) will occasionally mispronounce a word.  Like when he prays for Tate to get a Coke-u-lar implant. 

2.  And I love his funny expressions.  Like when he's done with his school work and waiting for friends to be available to play, I guess I'll just tiddly-poop around for awhile.  Where does he get that???  He sounds like A. A. Milne.

3.  I have made some progress on the Mother Load.  Of course, as fast as I cross things off I add new items.  *sigh*  But I got all the bills paid today, with a few bucks to spare, and that is a huge load off my shoulders. 

4.  I called our local university's Audiology/Speech/Communication department (they are fabulous).  Though we haven't been up there for ages, the receptionist remembered me and chatted about Tate.  Chances look good that if he's implanted we could get his AHab up here.  Big smile :D

5.  I found a website (thank you Stephen) that allows you to plot your own data and show/print an audiogram.  Spent about half an hour entering almost every audiogram I have of Tate's.  Fascinating and kind of depressing, as I can watch Tate's hearing loss progress before my eyes.

Here's his first, back from 2002 when he was diagnosed at age three.  For you non-hearing-loss folks, the right line shows his right ear and the blue is his left.  I think the graph is pretty self-explanatory.  Most children can hear things at 10 decibels (the line between white and gray) or better.

And here's the most recent, from December 2011.  Yah.

If you're interested, the website is here.  And in case you're wondering, I've asked Tate and he doesn't mind me sharing about his hearing loss journey online.  He's a good sport :D 

6.  Wyatt and Tate have a CAP training for most of the day tomorrow.  Gunnar has all kinds of plans for special Mom and Gunnar time.  Hope he's scheduled in some planning-for-the-next-week-of-school.  *sigh* 

7.  Tate was promoted at CAP this week, and I missed it!  The boys told me that Commander's Call was at 8:30, and as I pulled the door open (at almost exactly that time) someone was already shaking his hand and cameras were flashing.  Rats!  Hoping I'll get some pics from the squadron, (photographer said he'd be sending a disk). 

8.  You know you've got a very casual family when you come downstairs in un-faded jeans and a sweater (and shoes!) and the boys ask you where you're going.  Yah.  Probably to do laundry!

9.  And now, off to make dinner.   I'll alert the media.  (Can anyone identify that quote?)

Enjoy your weekend :D


dlefler said...

Oh, I love that online site for plotting audiograms! Much easier than putting things in with my photo editor!

Tate's initial audiogram looks fairly similar to Nolan's current one at the age of four. His most recent one definitely shows a huge amount of change - I can't wait to see what his "aided" CI audiogram is! He'll certainly be hearing better soon!

Tiddly-poop? I absolutely love it. I am adding that word to my vocabulary - Gunnar is awesome!

Felicity said...

Gunnar is too cute! Definitely sounds like AA Milne.
I've never had any dealings with hearing loss, so it's all very interesting information.

Well Done to Tate on the CAP promotion!!

melanie said...

Wow, tough place to be 'profound' in something, eh? :-\ But very excited for expected improvement with CI!!!

'tiddly-poop' ~ hee hee!

{I am pretty much an ignoramus when it comes to current flicks or wherever the quote is from - sorry! but I do like the humor ;-)}

sara said...

I think Gunnar's mispronunciation is a common one even among intelligent people. Do you remember "nucular?"

Oh and, rum tum tiddle um tum to you and yours. :)

sara said...

Sorry, I should have said that it's a common mispronunciation even among adults - smart ones in high positions even.

The dB family said...

I love your brain dumps! When I read about your week, I realize just how crazy normal my week is. Tiddly pom! Have you read A.A. Milne's books to the boys? Gunnar is so cool! Hooray for Tate on his promotion. Awesome!! I hope you get some pics!