Friday, February 3, 2012

Quick March

Happy squeal!

Just got a call from the CI coordinator at Children's and they have set up his next three candidacy appointments on Monday and Tuesday of next week -  I had no idea things would move so quickly!

Monday he has an Auditory Skills Evaluation, then on Tuesday an aided and unaided audio appointment, followed by a meeting with the surgeon.

The surgeon!

Yes, the team has to meet and approve Tate, but we're meeting the surgeon!

Also, good news, sounds like Tate's insurance will (not guaranteed, but very likely) cover ONE implant.  If he/we want to go bilateral later, well... we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.  But at least for now that's not a worry.

Yes, there are still expenses.  I can hardly bring myself to think of the miles (and gas!) we're going to be burning, up and down the freeway... but I imagine Tate, hearing better, and can't help but get excited.  Maybe even sporting one of these...

... a swimmable processor!  Who knew?  And what will the next twenty years bring?


Crystal said...

Smiling from ear to ear for you all!

Q said...

Oh Julie!!! SO EXCITED FOR TATE!!! I know this isn't a done deal yet, but gads, this pace . . . get ready for your E-ticket ride and know that I'm praying!

Lesley said...

Wow, just stumbled over here to your corner of blogland and pretty much just read our story! We just went through the exact same process as you. Our son is turning 6 and just got implanted. The process started in June 2011 and by the time we did all the testing and the last appointment was the surgeon as well, he was in surgery three weeks later, so yes it happens very fast once they say yes. We were very apprehensive! He had never had any stimulation on his right ear, and although the anatomy looked normal too, they were very clear that nothing might happen, that the nerve might be atrophied. So it was a big risk, but at 2 months he is at 64% comprehension!!! When we first tested him in June 2011 with just HA, he only scored 50%. So very exciting. So the fact that Tate has had hearing in that hear at some point is very encouraging, I think it will do amazing!!! Excited to read your journey!!! Glad I popped over. My prayers are with you all, it is a very exciting but scary time. Thanks for sharing! Nice to meet you!

Rebecca D said...

Both yesterday's and today's posts are extremly exciting! I will be praying for your family as you make this choice!

dlefler said...

The Neptune looks pretty fancy - I saw a video with kids swimming with it - amazing! And then it is so lightweight and COOL.

Things are moving fast - it is like drinking from a fire hydrant! Good luck with all the appointments and the long drives - and here's to (much) better hearing as he learns to hear with his CI!

melanie said...

Wowsa! :D

Gramma Grasshopper said...

Gramma Grasshopper here - I too was impressed that both doctors talked TO Tate and 'included' Julie and me. Tate was told that at this age, it is HIS decision. Even if 'the adults' wanted it and Tate said 'No' - they would not do it. Tate was FABULOUS throughout the appointments and is/was mature in his 'listening' and 'responding'. I was/am VERY PROUD of him.

TRS said...

This is SO exciting!!
I'm just brimming with happy tears and I don't even know you! (although, knowing that my dear Kimberly loves you, I love you and your boys by association!)

Tate is such a little man. So impressed that he gets to make this decision.
What a world that is about to open up to him!
As an example: my dad resisted getting a quality hearing aid for most of his life. (the last 5 years he had a really good one) When he did, he was amazed at what he had been missing out on. My favorite example was his description that he knew the 4-wheeler was loud due to the engine, but with his hearing aid he could hear all the squeaks and rattles and was nearly afraid the darn thing might fall apart beneath him!

I imagine Tate hearing certain sounds of nature and being equally overwhelmed! Oh sweet Lord, what a fine day that will be!