Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Some days are just like that.  Not horrible, just blah.  Especially cold, rainy ones. 

Well, at least we had a better morning than yesterday - nobody is writing sentences... yet ;D

To add to the general merriment, Tate had to get a shot this afternoon (required for his CI - he's such a trooper) and I had to call DSHS.  Fun times.  /sarcasm

Because trying to talk to a live person in a government office is like looking for the lost tribes of Israel.  But I persevered...

I dial the 800 number.  I confirm that I do - in fact - speak English (you know, the official language of this country), wade through endless and irrelevant menu options, enter the five-digit extension number printed on the form, and then I wait... wait... wait......  on hold. 

I am subjected to over 16 minutes of anxious-sounding music blaring at high volume into my ear.  The music is interrupted at random intervals by a very soft voice.  I press the phone harder to my ear, to see if I have a real person, but no, it's just a recorded message, suggesting that I give up on waiting for a live person and send them an email.

I'm buying no bridges today.

Finally, a human answers.  I tell her what information I'm seeking, and she tells me I need to talk to someone in the *&(%^ (whatever) office.  She will transfer me, but in case I get disconnected, she gives me the extension number for that office.

It's the same five-digit extension that began the madness.

And so goes the day.

A day in which nothing has gone drastically wrong, but I have felt underwater the whole time.

Is that weird?  Or is it just April, on the tail end of a long, rainy winter?  (I'm not depressed, by the way.)


Felicity said...

Sometimes I think that sitting on the phone waiting for some human to answer and listening to some song/tune over and over could push one over the edge... of a bridge!

Ruby said...

Being kept on hold, one of the biggest irritations to our overly busy lives :-)
You never seem depressed Julie. You seem like the sort of person who can keep a good attitude and maybe even find the funny side to downs of life!
Hope tomorrow is better for you.

Rebecca D said...

Blah days are great... I love average, ordinary (no wedding to plan) days! :)

Choate Family said...

Hang in there - at least it was an 800 number. Try making a phone call from the Solomons and being put on hold...

tammy said...

Why does it always seem when the list for the day includes "PHONE CALLS" to any type of customer service rep to ask questions and get the "to do" list caught up on, it's never a good day? I always feel defeated. I've learned though - whenever I get the automated voice (which is always) I immediately say, "customer service" or "operator" or "live person" etc. Doesn't work all the time, but sometimes, it brings me directly to a live person, who then usually gives me another number to call! oy.

dlefler said...

Oh, goodness - I call that the early spring blahs. And then adding phone calls to government agencies on top of that - boo. We came back from gorgeous Myrtle Beach to gray, endless rain and 50 degree temperatures. Fortunately today is sunnier and warmer, but I think everyone is ready for sun and warmth by the middle of April!