Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Questions, Answers, and Comments

1.  Felicity asked in a recent comment if we're using Sonlight.  Me ordering sixty books probably tipped her off ;D  Yes, I'm borrowing Sonlight F for Gunnar (can't bear to buy it at this point, with only one boy going to use it) and buying Sonlight G and H to use with Tate and then Gunnar, later.  And I'll probably have Wyatt read some of the books, too. 

Sometimes I feel guilty making a big deal about using Sonlight when I'm not buying the books from them. If I needed all the books, I'd just buy their package and avoid the hassle of buying all those books separately, but... we already have many of the books, and they're the "bigger ticket" items.  Anyway - hurray for Sonlight's history programs.  I really like them, because I really like reading!

2.  I've been thinking a lot about babies and parenting lately.  I mentioned yesterday pondering what it would be like to begin parenting over again, now that I know what I know.

Gee, does that sound a bit arrogant?!  I really didn't mean that I think I know it all!  Just that I would do some things differently.  I hope I have better perspective, these days.  But then, I'm still in the middle of running the race, so these are just a few "mid-course" observations, not a complete list of Grand Final Pronouncements.

* I'm older now, and I'd probably be more patient.  At least, I hope so.

* I wouldn't feel guilty about needing/making time for me to have a break once in awhile.

* I might enjoy some of the hectic stages more, because now I have the perspective that they don't last forever.  On the other hand, when you're in the throes of it, it sure SEEMS like forever, so who knows?

* I wouldn't have as much energy as I did then, and I was already "older" when I had my kids (from 30 - 35), and honestly, I encourage people to marry younger and have children younger, when they DO have the energy.

* I would pay a lot less attention to the freak-out du jour.  Sometimes, there's a lot less there than meets the eye.  (I'm referring to the issues that seem to come up in parenting magazines that get parents all worked up.  Like substituting apple juice for sugar, or whether or not to use a pacifier, or avoiding food dyes, or whatever.)

* I'd (try to) remember that the baby's head isn't going to explode if he cries for a moment or five, (even though mine might feel like it will).

* I wouldn't bother buying nine tenths of the stuff you supposedly "need" for your baby.  Borrow it.  Get it from the thrift store.  I have good friends whose baby slept in a dresser drawer for the first few weeks (or months?).  They were housesitting, in a trailer and didn't have a crib or room for one anyway.  And that girl is a lovely young woman today ;D

I'm sure there are bigger, more important issues, but that's just what was rattling around in my head.

What would you do differently?

3.  Leah, you are on the right track, (red, Christmas, etc.) but I won't have to wait that long to show you... just another month.  Thanks for the compliment :D

4.  Q, you wear sandals all year long?  How do you keep your feet "nice"?  The more I wear sandals or flip-flops, the more my feet get dry and rough, especially my heels.  What do you all do for your feet?

5.  Well, I'm sorry so many other of you have had similar credit card woes.  I guess I'm glad they're watching so closely, but I'm even gladder we don't use the card very often!

6.  Back to school and house-cleaning...  ah, what a glamorous life ;D


Rebecca D said...

I loves Sonlight and now truly believe I used it just to read most of the books myself. I really miss homeschooling... most days that is...

You did not sound arrogant about parenting... I think it's kinda wrong that Paul and I are just realizing we are pretty good parents... I wish we had that confidence all those years that I spent doubting myself!

Ann said...

Don't feel badly about not buying the books from Sonlight because if you feel badly about it, I'd have to, too!! :-) I'm curious to hear how Gunnar likes Core F. It was a big jump in work for Olivia, but she is LOVING it because it's all stuff that naturally fascinates her.

I laughed about the baby in the drawer. That's where my baby brother spent his first few weeks of life as well!

Q said...

Sonlight - who cares where you buy your books? That's your business, and if Sonlight doesn't like it then they can simply lose the sale of their cores to you. If they're truly interested in education then they'll understand it. (I use Tapestry of Grace, but get 99% of my books used online!)

Babies and arrogance - no way. It's called hind-sight and it's always better. I'd NOT be a slave to the medical systems 'required' appointments for me or the baby. (What a racket of brain-washed bunk I believed!) I'd home birth. I'd buy the best sling I could afford and a car seat and that's about it. I'd clear the calendar for the first 3 months, and take a tip from the Orthodox who stay home with baby and go NOWHERE for the first 40 days.

Feet - I use a rasp/foot paddle in the shower, slather my feet with thick cream prior to putting on flip flops which I wear all day, every single day. (I'm never bare-foot.)

Once a week or so I'll do a sugar/olive oil scrub. Also, the girls and I have a thing for cute toes, so every few weeks we have a movie and toes afternoon for pedicures. I use good stuff so a pedicure will last me 3-4 weeks.

Gads, I've taken over your blog here!

dlefler said...

Oh, goodness - sometimes I think about having another baby and many things would be so much easier. As I get more "mature" in my parenting, I find it easier to ignore the random advice of the day, and to trust myself more. I'd definitely buy less stuff. We bought an entire nursery suite for Matthew and I think I used the changing table exactly one time. LOL!

I can't wait to see the project - I love seeing people's handiwork. My sister in law quilts and made us stockings this year - I love them.

Organizing Mommy said...

Freak out, du jour. LOL. I have nothing that I would do differently for fear that God will rewind my life and make me do it again.. only better this time! Oh, the exhaustion of it all. And yes, perspective is golden, isn't it?

Choate Family said...

Oh my. Pretty feet? I can tell I've been in the tropics too long, because I LIKE my callouses! Guess it will be a shock to my system when we get back and I see all of the painted toenails :-)