Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Brain Dump

1.  40 Days until Christmas.  And that counts today.  Deep breaths...

2.  Modesty.  I've heard plenty of folks talk about it, but a recent series by Tim Challies is perhaps the most grace-full approach I've ever seen.  I've already been talking about it (and am going to read it) with the boys, in the hope of helping them a Biblical perspective on beauty and modesty.  (I mean, they're bound to notice girls sooner or later... but let's hope it's later ;D  "Do not awaken love...", you know?!)

By all means, take a few minutes to read it.

Go.  Read them.  You'll be glad you did.  

3.  Candles and hot tea.  Get me through these cold, wet days.  *sigh*  But good grief, you know what it is about tea...  I love to drink it, but I'm just the middle-man, if you KWIM.

4.  Afternoon sun through the back fence.

5.  Sewing project today:  fix torn sheets.  *sigh*  Not the fun kind of sewing.

6.  Today:  41F, blowing, and raining heavily.  (Candles, hot drinks, good books, repeat...)

7.  Mystery photo.  I took this at Gunnar's request.  Can you tell what happened?


Cathy M. said...

#5. Get some toe-nail clippers for your boys! Ha ha!

I don't understand that photo, are those twigs clinging to window?

Now, off to make a cup of tea, since you brought it up.

melanie said...

Mystery photo ~ Hmmm... I don't think it's the view out your front window...?

Love the sunshine through the fence.

ahem, number 6 needs "pit stop" added to the list.

Off to read the links!

Joyful Reader said...

Not sure about the photo... Looks like bits of grass stuck in a web.

Torn sheets... we bought a set in May (not a cheap set either) and I had to replace them. The fitted sheet ripped about knee level all the way across!

40 days?! oh goodness! I had better get started! I always say I am going to start early each year and never do. {{sigh}}

Felicity said...

Looking through a window with bits from the garden stuck to the outside???

The dB family said...

Love the sunlight through the fence! It's so artsy! I'm not sure I could handle the days and days of rain. I'd definitely be drinking tea and burning candles too.