Saturday, November 2, 2013

Clinging to Fall, Like the Very Last Leaf to the Tree

First, a reality check.


Looking, or trying to look out the boys' window.

Do you see all the pretty fall leaves on the trees?
Me neither.

So all the pictures that follow?
A happy memory.

I woke up a couple of times last night and just listened to the wind and rain, giving thanks that the boys are not camping out in tents this weekend at the CAP Bivouac, as they have in the past.  This time (with adults in charge) they have the use of a somewhat rustic summer camp as a base.  Hallelujah and amen.  I don't care how rustic it is, they have shelter.  

Gunnar and I saw this old cedar stump with a GARDEN of ferns growing on top of it.
I think the strategy for the weekend is focused on Emergency Services training, and I've heard it will culminate in a big "Amazing Race" style orienteering exercise on Sunday.  Sounds like they'll be all over the island (where the camp is) competing as teams, using map-and-compass skills to find clues, or something like that.  They'll have a ball.

What's this?  Granite?  Must be a glacial erratic.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch... Kerry was going to work on his rock wall (at this point, a pile of rocks), but I think he's convinced himself that something else (anything else) is more urgent ;D 

Licorice fern and moss growing on a living maple.
And me?
Well, the Mother Load is relentless.
I'm reworking next week's homeschool schedule.

If you get tired walking, you can rest on this stone bench.
True confession is that we've fallen behind just a bit.
What with Wyatt having a lot of CAP commitments over the last few weeks,
Wyatt and Tate being called out on two SAR events,
Tate taking some days off to hunt,
and Gunnar having a couple of sick days, yah.
We've fallen a little behind.

But homeschooling has its rewards, and one is flexibility.
And what the boys have probably forgotten is that
I don't schedule any homeschool work for the entire week of Thanksgiving.
I feel a whole lot more thankful, that way ;D

Broad-leaf maple.
Especially when we're hosting Thanksgiving.
If they need those days to get caught up, fine.
But I'm counting on their help with holiday preparations - fun!

Oh, but the Mother Load...
time to put flannels on the boys' beds.
Won't that be a happy surprise?
To come home from a rainy, windy weekend of camping out
to your warm, cozy house with flannel sheets on your bed.
Even boys can appreciate that ;D

And there's the usual laundry, and sewing, and tidying...
or sitting in a comfy chair with hot tea and a good book.

And maybe soon a quilt to bind!


Choate Family said...

Yes to flannel sheets! Yes to hot tea and curling up with a good book! Yes to Autumn!!!

Joyful Reader said...

sorry I am late getting around. I spent all of yesterday deep cleaning my kitchen getting ready for the cooking season... :)

Looks like winter has already come in your second picture! Oh how fast the fall season goes!

Abi's Blog said...

Beautiful photographs! I love the ferns and of course, the vibrant leaves.


The dB family said...

We put our flannel sheets on on our Thanksgiving weekend -- not that they were really needed yet this year, but simply because that's what we always do. Glad of it now though.

Glad to know that I'm not the only one whose Motherload never seems to totally disappear.

Your photos are GORGEOUS!!