Thursday, October 31, 2013

In Which It Was A Blustery Day

The wind and rain came last night, just as predicted, so I'm glad I snapped a bunch of photos before.

Remember the beautiful mystery tree?

The wind arrived first and nearly stripped it.

The leaves are huge.  They can be really a real mess when it rains, so I had in mind to make the boys sweep the driveway, but - good news!

The wind took care of them for us.  Some have blown into a pile next to the driveway, and the rest?
Well, who knows whose yard they ended up in.

Up in the woods, the maples are taking on their winter look.

Gunnar liked kicking through the dry, rustly leaves.

The wind did some other interesting things.

Look on top of the dead snag...

That huge branch, hanging at an angle, is probably 6 or 7 inches in diameter... wonder when it will blow down?

And this old leaning tree - still living - continues to hang over the trail, hung up in two other trees.

Around here we have a lot of Big Leaf Maples (acer macrophyllum).
Yah, the leaves are really big.

Gunnar commented that it was a good thing we already knew where the trail was!

And lastly, we checked in on another leaning tree... seems like its lean is increasing.
What do you think?

A couple weeks ago...

And now.

What is it like where you are?


Choate Family said...

Love the pics! What's it like where we are? Same as always, hot and humid :-) But as you know, we are making the most of our extra days by baking fun pumpkin recipes!

The dB family said...

I actually think we're a little behind you. Our maples just started turning this past week. We had some very high winds for a few days which managed to strip the earlier colouring trees, but the maples and our sweet gum look none the less for wear at this point. I'm curious to see what they will look like when we arrive back home at the end of the week.


Rebecca D said...

We lost the last of our leaves this weekend... I heard rumors of flurries, but didn't see any. On the positive side, all the leaves down and the cold snap have made it smell AMAZING outside! I love the smell of fall!