Sunday, October 13, 2013

Brain Dump, and on a Sunday!

1.  The window.  Ugh.  
*  We don't know what caused it to crack.  I'm betting on age and gravity.  This house is 111 years old, and old houses settle.  
*  Why can't we replace it?  Yes, it's the building codes.  That is, we can't replace it as it is now, and we can't afford to upgrade it.  And Mr. Architect can't risk falling afoul of the building department.  (You know, if he wants to get clients' plans approved in the future...)   
*  And what are we going to do about it?  For now, NOTHING.  Keep the curtain closed ;D  And pray that it doesn't break into a million pieces.

2.  Karen :D  I've just had a fabulous weekend.  Why?  My friend Karen came to visit.  We've been friends for... hmmm... about 25 years.  Sailed together.  Prayed together.  Hitch-hiked together (don't tell the boys!)  Fought off cockroaches together in Lahaina.  Married the same year.  I love my newer friends, but I love my friends with "history" :D

3.  Money well spent.  Yes, I'm so glad I spent ninety bucks on a fancy calculator for my son, the math whiz.  So he can do this:

Guess what, Mom?  My calculator has a sort of "Etch-a-Sketch" function.  Isn't it cool?

His teacher told him not to show the other students that their calculators can do this.  And NO I don't know why the little guy is standing right next to the helicopter rotor, but I think he's holding a gun.  But if Wyatt was at school we'd have to say that it's a stick.  Or a cracker.  Or a sock.  You know.  Because it would be SO DANGEROUS if the little two-dimensional guy was holding a little two-dimensional GUN.

4.  The math whiz also informed me that he's working on a formula that will enable vehicles traveling in space at the speed of light to avoid obstacles.  Because, you know, NASA is going to be needing that right away.

5.  Deer season opened on Saturday.  Tate went hunting with Grandpa Grasshopper and they did see some deer, but the fog came in thick and suddenly and they came up empty-handed.  Maybe next time...

6.  The Mother Load, to answer Sara's question, is just my to-do list.  I have to write things down or I forget.  Plus, I love crossing things off (joy!) when I finish.

7.  The Mother Load, speaking of which...  if you've been biting your fingernails in suspense to see if I finally cleaned the kitchen floor, good news, the wait is over.  And the floor is shiny.


Crystal in Lynden said...

Oh that window news is a bummer!
I have news to lift your spirits...
I just crossed over my first born to the teen years. Yep, I now have a 13 year old.
So keep blogging Julie. I need you!

Felicity said...

My mom always told me:

Make new friends,
But don't forget the old.
New friends are silver,
But old friends are GOLD.


Ann said...

Leave it to a homeschooler to figure out what something can do! I love it!