Monday, October 28, 2013

Grasshopper Days

Grasshopper Days

For today, Monday, October 28, 2013  

Outside my window...  still dark.  The wind is blowing and scattering the leaves.  Glad I didn't make the boys do a lot of sweeping/raking over the weekend - where are the leaves, now?  Up the hill, in the woods?

Hearing...  a tree that needs to be trimmed back hitting (lightly) against the house, rustly leaves (is rustly a word?), and a very quiet house.  I got up a bit early... like an hour early.  Oops.  Our power must have gone out in the night and when I realized it, I reset my clock wrong.  Oh well, it's not often I'm up before Tate!

Pondering...  Kerry and Wyatt got home last evening, in time to all have dinner together.  And I realize... oh boy, do Wyatt and Tate butt heads a lot!  Not all bad (but some is).  They're very competitive with each other.  Arrrrgh.

Praying...  for Kerry's work situation and possible solutions, for Tate - going hunting today, for our homeschool, for Wyatt's time at the high school... the usual.

Thankful...  for my wonderful family, for my boys doing well with their schoolwork, for some friends I got to catch up with yesterday afternoon, that everyone is healthy, and for this morning - which will be just Gunnar and me for awhile.

Wearing...  ratty old clothes to go for our walk (exercise... we walk fast, up and down hills, and get sweaty).  Later?  Probably jeans and a sweater.  There's a definite change for the colder in the weather!

Creating...  a fun and easy idea for a birthday gift that I can't show you yet!

Going...  to drive Wyatt to school (since I'll be out anyway), Tate to my parents' (to go hunting), and then back home with Gunnar.  You know, because I'm a Stay At Home Mom.  (eyes roll)

Reading...  just finished Theras and His Town with Gunnar, and about to start Desert Gate, and Archimedes and the Door of Science.

Looking forward to...  all three boys are going on a CAP Bivouac next weekend.  I was not too excited about it (camping out? in November?) until I found out they have an actual camp to use.  They'll have cabins to sleep in.  Great!  You go!  They'll be doing Emergency Services training, which probably means a lot of "scenarios".  Good practice.  So Kerry and I will have a weekend at home just the two of us.

In the kitchen...  hurray for leftovers!  I made a big batch of cheesy-potato-vegetable soup in the crockpot yesterday, along with some cheese-and-onion bread.  The apple crisp all disappeared, but the rest will make a good dinner for tonight as well.

In the learning rooms...  Wyatt has a lot of work to do to stay on top of his Chemistry and Government studies, but he's breezing along with his school work.  Which reminds me...

Let's just say I'm very underwhelmed with the "books" they're reading in high school English.  *sigh*  Homeschooling has certainly spoiled us in that regard.  With both the other boys using Sonlight history this year the difference is especially notable.

Around the house...  I'm enjoying the "fall look" :D

The Mother Load...  got a few things done this weekend (found three missing socks behind the washer!) and added some new work.  One of our neighbor's, a recently widowed woman, offered us the use of her fenced and deer-proof garden space for next year (since we can't seem to keep the deer out of ours!).  She's very generous.  Tate and I were over there on Saturday rototilling and planning.

Something to remember for later...  the way Gunnar uses the phrase "of late".  He told me, "I've been very busy, of late."

A favorite quote for today...  
Many things we need can wait.  The child cannot.  Now is the time his bones are formed, his mind developed.  To him we cannot say tomorrow, his name is today.
     --  Gabriela Mistral

One of my favorite things...  a comfy chair, a cup of tea, a scented candle, and a good book.  I know that's four, but see it as a unit ;D

A few plans for the rest of the week...  schooling, cooking, cleaning... Messiah rehearsal, CAP, and the boys' bivouac.

A peek into my world...  while I was taking all those fall pictures I knew that all it would take was one good wind and the leaves would all swirl away and be gone.

I think that wind has come!

Now fall looks more like this...


Joyful Reader said...

Your home looks so inviting!
I recently accepted a book to read for review and when I received it I couldn't believe it was a 300 page comic book! That disappointed me greatly! Gunnar sounds like an amazing young man! :) Great quote and thanks for sharing your day with us!

Choate Family said...

Love the quote! Love the weekend with the boys gone! Love your fall weather! Let me know when you open a Bed and Breakfast :-)

Anonymous said...

So, you never mentioned - did Wyatt and Tate want to 'try some foam to eat'?

melanie said...

Cheesy, veg-potato soup sounds like just the thing!

Rebecca D said...

Hey, I disappeared for a year, but thought I'd drop by to see what was going on in your neck of the woods!
I agree on the Graphic Novel thing!