Friday, October 25, 2013

Autumn Falling

You know how squirrels, well squirrel away nuts for the winter?
We're taking advantage of the last bit of good weather to store up experiences,
as well as working around the yard and house to get ready for winter.
We've mowed for (possibly?) the last time this year,
raked leaves, stored things like the bird-bath and the hoses,
removed all the window-screens, and cleaned the furnace filters.
(Loads of fun, you know...)

But it's not all chores - Kerry and the boys joined some friends from church for a hike up Oyster Dome, down Chuckanut.

And me?  Well, I already told you it's the color and the beauty that I'm hungry for.
I ran Tate up to my parents' house earlier this week so he could go deer hunting with Grandpa
 (no luck yet, but there are a few days left).
I brought my camera along so I could share with some of you that maybe don't have fall (Joanna :D).

My parents live on fifteen acres, in the woods, way up on a hill.
It's gorgeous there all year long, but I think it's especially pretty now.

We've had over a week of foggy mornings and the air is still pretty hazy, even when it burns off.
You can barely see the lake at the bottom of the one-mile-plus driveway.

I just missed getting the school bus in this photo.
Even with homeschooling, there's something nostalgic about school buses in the fall.

And.... this is my favorite part of the drive, right here.

Do you know what kind of tree this is?

I'll give you a clue - they like to grow near water.

Need another clue?

When they go to seed in May, it looks like falling snow.  ;D


Crystal in Lynden said...

Wow! You really captured the beauty of Autumn.

Joyful Reader said...

Not sure what kind of tree it is but it is beautiful. That drive looks so lovely I think I would have to take it at least once a week! Hope you have a marvelous weekend!

The dB family said...

So beautiful! "Fall is a second spring where every leaf is a flower." My screens came out this week too.


Anonymous said...

Okay, so I live here and I know what kind of tree it is - cottonwood. And yes, in the spring the 'fluff' from it truly looks like snow on the ground. But for those of you with allergies, that's the worst time! But in the fall - well, let's just say I think Julie learned her 'love of fall' from me - her Mom

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Thanks! I'm glad you all are enjoying the pictures. I'm clinging to the beauty, knowing that just one windy day and it will all be on the ground and turning brown.

And... the trees in the last four pics are cottonwoods.