Friday, November 8, 2013

Promotions and Pictures

I'll try not to gripe too much about our rain, especially when the clouds contribute to such dramatic beauty as this, captured my my friend Emily Gibson, from her farm.

The sun was rising behind Mt. Baker, which was poking up through the cloud layer and creating an enormous shadow.  You can see more (beautiful!) photos at her blog, Barnstorming.

Meanwhile, with a flurry of activity this week I almost forgot to share Gunnar's good news - his promotion to "Airman Basic".  Or, as the boys like to joke, from no rank, to low rank ;D

Here he is, saluting his commanding officer.

The Cadet Commander and a parent are invited to pin on his new insignia.

Don't think for a moment that he wasn't overjoyed.
He's just practicing looking serious.

Between other activities cadets are expected to study their SOPs (standard operating procedures).
And if you forgot yours?  Oops.
You stand at attention, staring at your hand, as you'll see two or three of them doing.

I think he takes three steps before that uniform starts moving, but he's proud to wear it :D

And, oh-I-can't-wait to share my other project, but it will have to wait until after tomorrow's party!
In the mean time, remember the pretty leaves?
Yah, I remember them too...

And it's a good thing I do, because out my window it's all bare branches.  *sigh*


melanie said...

Such a very serious soldier face, Gunnar! Congrats!

Crystal said...

Yay Gunnar! Great looking uniform and cadet!

Cathy M. said...

I had some blog-reading time today. It was good to check in on your crew. Gunnar looks so manly! Great photos. Nice break from the rain.

The dB family said...

Way to go Gunnar!! Love that expression! We're getting pretty leafless her too. I'm going to miss the golden beauty!


The T1000 said...

that's so cool