Wednesday, December 4, 2013

In Which It Is Coooooold

Shivery cold.  Hair-in-your-nose-freezing cold.  (Have you experienced that?  The crinkly feeling when the temp is down in the teens or lower?  TMI? ;D )  The little bit of snow we got on Monday is still here.  (Mostly.)  It's not melting.  Did you know that snow can sublimate?  Basically, when it's very cold, very dry, and sunny, snow can change directly to water vapor (evaporate) without melting.  Yah.  There's your factoid for the day ;D

But inside it's cozy and warm.  I'm still "fluffing" the house for Christmas.  And it's taking me awhile, with this crazy-busy week.  Gunnar had a little more work than usual, babysitting Sammy, and keeping him entertained while I was setting up nativities, and hanging lights and garlands.

Yah... the crazy-busy week began on Saturday with a concert, then Sunday with the sing-a-long Messiah after church, and rolled through Monday with our last rehearsal going almost four hours (after 10pm!)  But we will make it !  Just do the next thing, right?

Tuesday was baking day, as the boys have youthgroup tonight and are assembling gift baskets for some older folks from church.  I have eight loaves of pumpkin bread to send, and four to eat at home (stuck in the pans - grrrr!)  Meanwhile...

Every first Tuesday is "Commander's Call" at CAP, and this Tuesday was a special one.  Gunnar's "element" (small group of cadets) won "Element of the Month" (complicated points system), and...

... Tate promoted to Cadet Senior Master Sergeant.  Kerry and the cadet commander are pinning on his new insignia :D

Quite the young man :D

Did I mention it's cold?  Just a time or two?  Not much snow left, but it isn't going anywhere...

I don't know about where you live, but up here near Canada the days are VERY short just now.  Wyatt had already left for school when I snapped this photo, about 7:30 am.  We have just a little more than eight hours of daylight.  When I took the photo below, looking southwest, the sky was actually much darker than the camera "reads" it (long exposure).

Looking east, the blue sky faded to pink near the horizon.

And the thermometer right next to the house was reading just below 20F.  About -7C, for you metric folks.  But it MIGHT get above freezing later today ;D

And, about 7:50... ta-daa :D  This time of year the sun is far to the south - very low in the sky.  In the summer it rises much farther north - to the left of the power pole.

I love the warm glow of the low sun angle.  It even manages to make Wyatt's cluttery corner of the bedroom look cozy.

From the schoolroom windows, southeast...

... and west.

I'm trying to psych myself up to go for a walk with Gunnar, but I'd much rather snuggle up with another cup of hot tea and a good book!  Wish me luck...


Anonymous said...

Good Morning from the northeastern coast. I don't think its quite that cold here today. I am hearkening to you from the stages behind you when it is just too chilly to take out the little ones in this air. Go enjoy your stage of walking out in the cold with your "big" kid!
Thanks for keeping up the posts, it is a slow blogging season :)

Joyful Reader said...

The cold has made it to the midwest. Right now we are getting sleet and snow. Temps are around 25 degrees and will be in the teens tonight. Supposed to set in for a couple weeks. Oh boy! I don't mind cold if I don't have to get out and go to work BUT I do. School has already been dismissed early and cancelled for tomorrow. JOY! Kids all home and I have to go to work...ugh! Oh well. I'm always happy when payday rolls around.

You must be very proud of both your young men! yeah, no I don't know what an element or element of the month is but if it is an award it must be a good thing! :)

I love all your pictures! My sister lives out in Park City Utah...I guess you are farther north if you are close to Canada. Brrrrr I don't think I would want to go any farther north than I am right now!

Praying the rest of your week goes great and work for Kerry! God Bless!

sara said...

Julie, my bestie makes "How's the weather up there in Canada" jokes at me all the time. (Honestly we're a very short drive from Canada, but the on the other side of the continent.) We've had a thaw the past three days, melting nearly all of the five or six inch accumulation. Today is finally beginning to get cold again and there was a fresh dusting of white powder this morning.

I think we've got nine hours between sunrise and sunset here and about ten hours between first light and last light.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Glad my kids are old enough to bundle up and I don't worry about them getting too cold... they KNOW if they're cold!

Monica - I AM proud of these guys :D (An "element" is a small group within the "flight" which is a medium-size group in the squadron.)

Sara - yep, we're probably at similar latitudes, but we're right next to the coast, so not usually as cold. At least when it snows, everything is brighter. Take advantage of all the daylight you can!