Sunday, December 8, 2013

Lofty, Lofty Goals

It's Sunday, and I'm missing church.  Gunnar hasn't been feeling well since Friday, poor kiddo, so I volunteered to stay home with him.  That being the case, I have two goals for the day, are you ready?

The first goal is for Gunnar.

1.  Keep food in his tummy.  He hasn't keep anything down since Friday morning.  (TMI?)  I don't know what it is.  He's not feverish and not in agony, but has just been dragging along.  He missed Tuba Christmas and the Messiah this year, though he's been to both many times so he wasn't terribly disappointed.  And thank the Lord for grandparents who were willing to take in a sick kid yesterday afternoon.  Wyatt and I were singing (last concert!) and Tate and Kerry were ushering, so we all needed to go.

The good news is... so far so good on #1.  He's had about a cup of dry cheerios for breakfast, and a half a PBH for lunch.  Here's hoping he's on the upswing.

And in other good news, the concerts went well, at least from my perspective.  We always get a bigger crowd on Friday night, than we do on Saturday afternoon, but both were well attended.  On Saturday, many of us stayed (at the request of the Lynden Chamber of Commerce) to sing carols leading the Lighted Christmas Parade and at the Christmas Tree Lighting.  Oh-so-very thankful that the wind was NOT blowing, as it was about 15F!  And you can tell you're in a small, conservative town when the mayor calls on a local pastor to pray before the tree lighting. (And it's a real prayer to the real God, not some phony mish-mash.)  Amen.

My second goal is for me.

2.  Don't leave the house.  I haven't had a day at home since Thanksgiving, and it is time.  Though I miss seeing my church family, I'm very much enjoying a relaxed day.  While Gunnar watched a holiday episode (???) of Mythbusters (festive? jolly?), I put on some Christmas music (that wasn't Handel ;D) and decorated the tree.  NOW it feels Christmassy in here :D

And - thank you Grandma Grasshopper - I cooked a lasagna while Kerry and the older boys were at church.  Yum!

I finished the school planning for the week, and still have bills to pay and a bit of tidying in my office (not quite so cozy and festive), but ooohhhhh, it's so nice to be home!


melanie said...

Here's hoping Gunnar is on the mend. With happy sighs for your second lofty goal :-)

Joyful Reader said...

Congrats on getting some time to do the things that you needed and wanted to do. Although it is never good that you have a sick one. But the Lord uses all things!

Felicity said...

Sometimes I really enjoy a Sunday at home (not quite alone, but usually only with one or two kids who aren't feeling too well, so they're quiet!)

I think it's just the being out of the rush-rush-rush for a while. I usually really enjoy the next Sunday :-)