Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Better Late Than Never...

It happened.
And it was fabulous.
Better than my photography skills ;D

Tate has already finished McManus' The Night The Bear Ate Goombaw.

We have high hopes for this little device...

Somebody looks rather Grinch-y.

Wyatt guessed what this present is...
tipped off, apparently, by the the minty smell emanating through the wrapping.

Oh goody - another Outhouse calendar.

Gunnar unwrapped a note that said Go look in Mom's closet.
(It's a sled, if you can't tell.)

And later, at Grandpa and Grandma's... Tate is obviously thrilled as they open a DVD.

When Tate is trying to smile for the camera he gets self-conscious.
But WHY? when he has a great smile like this!
And a totally awesome hat.

We thought Wyatt's hat and shirt really made a statement...

All the cousins got cool hats from Aunty Tami.

And, by some strange twist of fate, I did NOT get photos of all the family.
Or of our delicious feast.

But I leave you with this...
the legendary dessert table.

Happy new year!


Joyful Reader said...

Looks like everyone had a great time! That dessert table reminds me of ones my grandmother used to prepare. When she didn't have parkinson's and could still get around. {{sigh}}

Love those hats!

Happy New Year!

The dB family said...

Looks like a great time was had by all! LOVE those hats!! Our New Year's Day family reunion has a dessert table like that. Yum!