Monday, January 13, 2014

Grasshopper Days

Grasshopper Days

For today, Monday, January 13, 2014

Outside my window... when the sun doesn't rise until around 8am, and a thick layer of clouds fills the sky, outside my window it is DARK.

Hearing...  Kerry finishing breakfast, Wyatt leaving for the bus, Tate in the shower, and Gunnar downstairs reading (quietly!)

Pondering...  when you have one behind on his schoolwork, how much of his activities to cut.  Ugh.

Praying...  still haven't heard anything about the job Kerry is applying for, but praying every day(!), also over the whole process of Tate being implanted again (so excited!), and - as always - for wisdom.

Thankful...  for technology (Tate, especially!), for my family - present and of-origin, fun memories, and fun times to look forward to!

2002 Vacation - Tate and Grandpa

Wearing...  blue jeans, navy t-shirt, blue/green sort of nordic looking sweater, and blue Danskos.  I love my Danskos :D

Creating...  a package to send to a friend - can't tell who!

Going...  I can't believe it, but we're already starting rehearsal for the spring concert.  Already!  I'm always glad I went, but the pull to stay home with my family, a cup of hot tea, some pretty candles, and a good book is very tempting, especially when it gets dark around 4ish.

Reading...  just started reading The Victory of Reason, and it's not a light read - going to take some time and concentration.

Learning...  how ridiculous the post office has gotten (grrrr).  You wouldn't believe the forms to fill out for sending something overseas - every single item by weight and value.  Really???

Looking forward to...  extended family vacation in Oregon this summer!

2002 - Wyatt, or a bat, you choose.

In the kitchen...  no plans since I should be going to rehearsal tonight and there are plenty of leftovers for Kerry and the boys.

In the learning rooms...  at the moment (afternoon) Tate has long been done for the day, Wyatt is working on his homeschool subjects (US gov't and Chemistry), and Gunnar is finishing up his grammar lesson (underlining) and has some reading to do.

Around the house...  entropy.  You know, from order to chaos.  *sigh*

The Mother Load...  let's not speak of that when I feel so un-energetic, alrighty?

Noticing that...  my attention is wandering and I'm thinking about a nap... not sure I'm feeling 100%.

Something to remember for later...  Tate, bless his heart, has no trouble deciding to get a second implant, but will ask me if he should iron his uniform today or tomorrow, or some other trivial thing.

2002 - Tate and his truck

Something fun to share...  out for a walk with Gunnar today we ran into my sister's 1st or 2nd grade teacher and had a brief catch-up chat - fun :D

One of my favorite things...  singing :D

A few plans for the rest of the week...  homeschool, CAP, Gunnar babysits tomorrow, and the boys are going with the youth-group up to play in the snow on Saturday - really looking forward to that!

A peek into my world...  Gunnar, one year old in 2002, discovered a liking for salt, which he was sucking off the rocks at the beach.  What a cutie!

2002 - Gunnar in Oregon


Joyful Reader said...

The worst thing about winter is the shorter days. However, it does make us all rest here on the farm. (thank you Lord for knowing our needs even when we don't)
Keeping your family in my prayers! (without ceasing!)
Enjoyed all these wonderful pictures!
Your pondering is a hard one. Especially since I am not a homeschooler...
Hope you get back to 100% soon! I love your energy!

melanie said...

Great flashback pics :-) I hope you are feeling better today!
That sort of pondering is no fun at all - and too familiar to me. :-\

dlefler said...

I love those pictures on the beach! Hard to believe 2002 was 12 years ago - time flies by so quickly. I hope you take lots of pictures of your trip to Oregon.. your last road trip/vacation was my morning coffee read. I love living vicariously!

Matt was zoning out in class and not writing in his reading journal.. he didn't write for 3 days. I had the teacher send it home and he had to make it all up - not fun, especially after booking a long day at school. I have a feeling he won't "zone out" anymore during writing time!

sara said...

You feeling any better?

Do you only sing in an official setting or do you sing around the house too? :)

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh Monica, I hear you about the resting! (At least once the holidays are done ;D )

Melanie - I'm feeling better (girl trouble resolving - fun times, ha ha).

Leah - the time HAS flown. That trip to the beach, Tate has just gotten his HA's and was only wearing them part of the day... still adjusting.
Hope Matt got the point ;D

Sara - oh boy... I sing around the house, and in the car, and probably more than I realize. But the funny thing is I don't have music playing around the house a lot - partly to do with Tate's hearing loss, and the way background noise makes hearing speech more difficult.

Choate Family said...

I'm having so much fun catching up with your blog and not having to rely on e-mail alone! Being back in the land of the internet is wonderful :-)