Sunday, October 19, 2014

Birthday Gifts

Sometimes I'm reluctant to post photos of things I've made... like it's bragging.  

Um, I'm not that fabulous.

But I get lots of ideas from other people, so posting my projects is kind of passing it on ;D

I've made myself a couple of bags from a free pattern by Monica Solario Snow (pattern here).  For my mom, I adapted the pattern a little to fit the fabric I wanted to use and came up with this.  Just right for church or Bible study :D

Don't remember if I posted this before - sent it to my sweet friend Rebecca, at High Maintenance Aspirations.

My SIL Allyson seemed to like this Christmas table runner.  Got the idea from the fabulous Amanda, at Crazy Mom Quilts, but chose a different color scheme and added an asterisk/star in the center.  So simple, yet bold and graphic.

And for my sister, a wall-hanging.  The green and red could be Christmas, but would work with her colors any time of year.

 The appliqué is raw-edge.  Probably wouldn't be a great idea for a quilt that would get a ton of use and lots of washing, but fun for an art piece.


And I have one more I can't share yet ;D


Anonymous said...

The fall bag carried my Bible (and a couple other needed items) to church. But, for the next several weeks it's going to be my "FALL PURSE"....because I really like it. THANK YOU - Gramma Grasshopper

Joyful said...

I love seeing what others are up to in their crafty areas! I wish I could quilt! Such a great talent to have. Beautiful work!

Ann said...

Catching up on your blog. And I LOVE when you share what you've made! So much fun!