Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wednesday Momologue


Life happens and blogging doesn't.

We've had a flurry of medical appointments (all is well), plus a family October/November birthday bash celebrating FIVE birthdays (I took NO photos - must get some from my parents), plus it's hunting season, and... then I got sick.  And while I was feeling rotten, the weather deteriorated into lots of rain and wind and darkness and I thought I had missed fall's grand finale.  But Gunnar and I got out for another walk this morning after - you'll never guess - more rain.  And it was beautiful.

In fact (actually, I just wrote "In fart" but I changed it, because I'm mature and all that.  But I laughed first.). So, in fact, after Wyatt and Tate left in the dark for their early morning buses, Gunnar and I were glued to the window watching the sunrise amaze us and lamenting the one giant power pole that bisects our glorious view.  *sigh*

It changed so fast we were glad we caught it.

And then there was our walk...

Since we woke up to huge raindrops splattering on the windows, we were glad to get a break.  Gunnar specifically asked me to bring the camera because of this:

We walk down the alley, and then up another alley, and then around behind the local school to connect with some trails on public land, and as we duck into the woods this is the first sight we see.

We don't have as much of the deep reds and oranges as other parts of the country get, but green and yellow?  We've got it.  Most of the yellow you see are Big Leaf Maples.

And they're dropping their big leaves all over the ground, obscuring the path.  That and the rain made the little bridge very slick.

The big leaves get caught in other trees, too.

Gunnar, ever a LOTR fan, thought this looked like an elf trail...

 ... and this one (below) too.

He's learning to identify our "most commons"...

The three most common deciduous trees - maple, alder, cottonwood.

Our three most common ferns - sword fern, bracken fern, licorice fern.

And our three most common evergreens - Douglas Fir, western red cedar, and hemlock.
Loooove this doug fir.

And the fungus...  earlier in the week we collected fungus for a biology experiment Tate was doing.
Three kinds of fungus - mushrooms, puffballs, and shelf fungus.

Gunnar always wants a photo of "the portal".

And the pond, now quite full.

As I write, Tate is up deer hunting with Grandpa Grasshopper.  The season ends Friday, so they're coming down to the wire.  Gunnar is finishing a math test (we've had a very interrupted day).  And Wyatt has come home (on the bus) and then borrowed a car (his needs a new starter - grrrr) and gone back to campus to study with a friend.  He has a job interview tomorrow, so pray for him!

Kerry - hallelujah - seems to have a decent amount of work, though we're always praying for more.

And I am plugging away at some sewing projects (some I can share and some I can't) and about half-way through Messiah rehearsals.

And that is that.


Joyful said...

Sorry to hear that you were sick. But so glad you were able to get out and get these beautiful pictures! Hope the boys get a deer and Gunnar does well on his math test!
Love visiting the PNW! :)

melanie said...

Lovely sunrise and report from your walk. Sorry to hear you were sick :-(