Saturday, October 11, 2014

Saturday Brain Dump and More Fall Photos

Yes, I may be going overboard on the fall photos, but I'm thinking of you, Joanna Choate!  

1.  So glad I took my camera out yesterday, because today the weather is changing.  Rain.  But yesterday... gorgeous.  Even the leaves falling on the driveway were pretty.  And Gunnar and I went out for a walk.

2.  And speaking of changing weather...  blame any typos on the weather.  Because we're approaching the need for central heating.  So I got up this morning and cleaned the furnace filters.  And cut my finger.  My right, pointer finger.  Every dang time I clean the filters I cut my finger!  But the filters are in the bathtub, drying.   And this may be the latest we've gone without turning on the heat.

3.  The boys are not here.  They're out at Aunty Tami's having a Pirates of the Caribbean marathon. Yay for them, yay for Aunty Tami, and yay for a quiet house ;D  My sister isn't married and has no kids of her own, though she's a high school teacher, so she's around kids a lot!  She is a GREAT Aunty for the boys - does fun stuff with them in the summer or on her breaks, babysat for us occasionally when they were younger, and kind of spoils them occasionally (special treats at Tami's house).  And I'm so glad :D

Kousa Dogwood

4.  The portal.  Gunnar has noticed this access trail to the pond (swamp) where we walk, and thinks it looks like some kind of mysterious portal, the way the branches frame it.  Good eye, Gunnar.

5.  Did you see the lunar eclipse?  We didn't.  Coming, as it did, the night after the Bangor Tour when the boys had been up at three a.m., I wasn't inclined to wake them.  And when I woke up to check, it was foggy.  Nothing to see. But I love the fog in the morning...  Do you see Gunnar?

6.  We're lucky to have some great trails near us, for walking.  Gunnar and I got out early yesterday morning, while the sun was still low.  At our house, we were in the clear - sunny sky.  But up on the ridge... the fog was creeping up from the other side.  Beautiful!

And the ducks.  Who couldn't care less about the fog and the beauty.  But food?  Yah.

7.  And this is why I took my camera.  SPIDER WEBS.  Because they're so amazingly beautiful in the fog.

8.  Gunnar "caught" this one.  Take a picture RIGHT HERE, Mom!

So I did.  And we looked up... waaaay up... and saw more spider webs.  I wonder if they catch any bugs way up there?

9.  And here is where Gunnar began to lose patience with me...

... my favorite web of the morning... COOL!

10.  And here's where you don't see Gunnar, because he has gone on ahead.  Home.  To put the kettle on for hot cocoa.  But I couldn't just walk by this sumac tree, with the Virginia Creeper on the fence.

Or this crazy web in a dying pine tree.

Or our dogwood tree, back home in the yard.

Should I have the boys rake it up?  Nah... it's too pretty like that.

11.  And now?  I'm making final preparations for our getaway!  We leave on Monday, and Grandma Grasshopper will be staying here with the boys, keeping track of their comings and goings.  We could leave them home alone - we trust them - but I'll relax better knowing she's here :D

Happy Saturday :D

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Monica said...

So sorry I'm late getting by! It was a crazy busy weekend. Your pictures are beautiful! We are starting to turn color here but I think next weekend will be the "prime time" for us. We have had our heat on here because of Grandma. Her blood and skin are so thin and then there is the fact she weight next to nothing! NO FAT!
Hope you have a great get away!