Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Grasshopper Days... Late Edition ;D

Grasshopper Days

For today, Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Outside my window...  cool, misty, rainy... Washington.

Hearing...  a quiet house.  The boys are studying and there's NO laundry running because the dryer is having issues.  Oh my.  It still runs, but it sounds like we're killing a herd of pigs.  You've never heard such terrifying squealing.  (At least I hope.)  Maybe it's just a belt loose?  Something inexpensive to fix?  Please???  The repairman is coming today (hallelujah), but in the meantime...

It's nearly as tall as Gunnar.
I think it's breeding.

Pondering...  The weekend.  It was (mostly) fabulous, but I think I need a weekend to rest from my weekend!  Do you ever feel like that?

A friend from church invited some of us over to make cards (Valentine's Day approaching...) and I offered to bring something to contribute to lunch.  She did most of the work, and I just contributed some fruit and dip, so no big deal, but Food Prep #1.

Of course, after I got home from that fun activity, I made a big batch of turkey taquitos for the monthly chapel game-night-and-potluck.  (More fun!  And Food Prep #2.)

Sunday morning church, and it was our turn to bring treats for coffee hour (green and blue bread, roasted pepper hummus, and brownies - Food Prep #3.)

And then we were invited to my parents' for their Soup-er Super Bowl Party.  (Food Prep #4, chili.)  Which was all fun and fabulous except for the last one minute of the game, which was a Great Tragedy, and we won't speak of it again.  *sigh*

Praying...  work for Kerry - very much a need right now.  And work for Wyatt - not such a dramatic need, but it would be nice!

Thankful...  expecting a check in the mail today or tomorrow which will cover us through this month and into the next.  Hallelujah :D  Thankful to have great friends and family to spend weekends with!

Wearing...  Um, you saw the photo above, right?  Wearing old sweats - gray and navy blue.
Old, but clean :D

Creating...  finishing off that quilt project I mentioned last week.  All done but the binding, and then I'll post photos.  Whew!

Going...  to stay home so the repairman can come.  It's like waiting for Christmas, y'know?

Looking forward to...  we're planning a party for my parents' 50th Anniversary!

In the kitchen...  I think the boys finished off all the chili and other left-overs (yay!) so I may actually make a real dinner tonight.  Maybe egg burritos - that just sounds good to me.  Or taco salad.

In the learning rooms...  Tate is zooming through his year of World History.  I love the way he puts it all together - that's one of his strengths.  And he's doing well in Biology, though it isn't quite as second-nature to him.

Gunnar is reading Great Expectations and I'd better get on the ball, because I said I'd read through it with him (simultaneously, not aloud) and I'm waaaaay behind!  In math, he's doing ratios and proportions.  And he's covering Westward Expansion in history, leading up to the Civil War.

Around the house...  is it time to take down all the snow decorations?  I'm kind of ready, but maybe as soon as I put them all away... it will snow.  (Don't things always work that way?!)  Of course, much  to the boys dismay, I can't use it that way on purpose.  ("Put it all away, Mom, to make it snow!")

The Mother Load... 
* finish binding quilt
* photograph quilt
* hang quilt :D
* catch up on laundry (yikes!)
* pack away sewing stuff
* clean office
* dust mop all of upstairs
* swiffer-mop all of upstairs
* make invitations for party
* help Tate with job-hunt
* clean top of stove (yucky, very yucky)
* put away all the snow/winter decorations
* deep clean living room / dining room
* get primroses
* inventory gift box - plan ahead
* more, more, more!

Noticing that...  as soon as I pack up my sewing machine I'll have a million great ideas of
things-I-want-to-make-right-now.  *sigh*

Something to remember for later... 
We had a very busy night at CAP this week!
The first Tuesday of the month is "Commander's Call" - a time for recognizing achievements and promotions, and giving awards.

Gunnar was recognized along with the other "founding members" of the Cyper Patriot team.
The teams have corporate sponsors, and you know what that means?


T-shirt, pen, pin, certificate, sunglasses, computer mouse, and a challenge coin.

Later, Gunnar was called up again, receiving a certificate for scoring 100% on his most recent aerospace test.  (The one he first "failed" by clicking "submit" instead of "next" after the first question.)

And then he was called up again to receive his promotion to Senior Airman.
Go, Gunnar!

Tate also earned a promotion.
Though he's still addressed as "Chief" (Chief Master Sergeant), he's just one step away from his Billy Mitchell award, and becoming a Second Lieutenant.

They're definitely putting the pressure on Wyatt to pick up his pace!

A favorite quote for today...  If you find a path without obstacles,
it probably doesn't lead anywhere.   - Frank A. Clark

One of my favorite things...  Gunnar and his sharp eyes found me the last package of milk chocolate and sea salt Lindor truffles at Walmart... I'm doling them out sparingly!

A Bible verse...  The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of His hands...  Psalm 19

A peek into my world... 

Guess who?


Ruby said...

What a joy to visit you after all this time! And you are as energetic and uplifting as I remember! It's been lovely to update on what you and the family are up to on the other side :-) Your boys are not only grown so much but going ahead in leaps and bounds in their activities and education. I hope your hubby gets work to keep you going. Sometimes it is good for us to "just" scrape by. Relying on the Lord continually.

Joyful said...

I'm really glad we haven't had much snow this year. However, my kids, like yours are really wanting a snow day! :)
Oh the appliance issues we have had. It seems like it was a chain reaction around here for a time! First one then another! ugh!
Will keep Kerry in my prayers for work as well as Wyatt.
Great quote! So true!
Hope you have a great weekend and get your mother load accomplished!