Monday, February 23, 2015

Grasshopper Days

Grasshopper Days

For today, Monday, February 23, 2015

Outside my window...  a gorgeous day!  Frosty this morning, but sunny and beautiful :D

Hearing...  birds!  I've been waking up to birds again, and I love it.

Pondering...  Wyatt is having a difficult day.  He still gets up at 3am to call in to UPS, though he's not getting any work.  He expected to be officially laid off today (but is encouraged to reapply in April).  Over the weekend pieces of his braces broke so he started this morning at the orthodontist (after partially disassembling them at home, himself so he wouldn't get poked and could close his mouth). The appointment went longer than he expected, making him late to school.  And he wasn't thinking clearly... came home after the appointment (the opposite direction of school) to get some ibuprofen, not realizing he likely could have bought some on campus.  And it's his long day...  I think I'd better plan some soft comfort food for dinner tonight!

Praying...  for Wyatt!  And work for Kerry.

Thankful...  for this gorgeous day, that my parents are home safe from a two-week road trip, that Wyatt successfully registered for next quarter, we're all still healthy, and for good news from friends who are in the process of adopting!

Wearing...  my walking grubs... time for a shower.

Creating...  thinking baby things for my friend...

Going...  to make sure Gunnar is doing his schoolwork.

Reading...  The Friday Night Knitting Club (a kind of fluffy, friendship book) and Great Expectations.  I figured if I made Gunnar read it, I ought to read it too ;D

Looking forward to... lunch ;D

In the kitchen...  leftovers!  I made a big batch of venison meatballs last night, alongside roasted potatoes.  But I'd better think of something really soft for Wyatt.

In the learning rooms...  Tate, just home from school and working on his homeschool.  He just dissected a giant earthworm.  Ack.  Gunnar is doing math with percents.

Around the house...  brightness, hallelujah.  I love the sun streaming in the windows.  We have so many dark, wet, cloudy days through the winter that I crave the light.  I have a lot of brightly colored things out - pillows, candles, quilt, etc.

The Mother Load... not too bad at that moment, but I still have a pile of papers to sort.

Noticing that...  everything is budding, ready to pop open with new life.

Something to remember for later...  I gave Gunnar a cup of hot cocoa after a cold, early morning walk, and he said, "My chest is on fire!"  Um, maybe your stomach?

Something fun to share...  Ice Music.

A favorite quote for today...
The fact that I am a woman does not make me a different kind of Christian, but the fact that I am a Christian makes me a different kind of woman.
Elisabeth Elliott  

One of my favorite things...  Gunnar is doing better at doing his math on his own.

A few plans for the rest of the week... hmmm, rehearsal tonight, violin lesson and babysitting (Gunnar) tomorrow along with CAP, the youth group here for dinner and fellowship on Wednesday evening, piano lesson (Tate) on Thursday, hymn sing / dessert social Thursday evening, and the weekend???

A peek into my day...


Joyful said...

Oh goodness! You have buds!!! :)
Wyatt... sounds like he's having one of those days that we all have occassionally. I hope he isn't in pain with his braces and the day goes quickly for him.
Gunnar cracks me up! "my chest is on fire!" :))
Sounds like you have a busy week! Hope your weekend is clear and you can relax!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

I'm hoping the Ibu is giving him some relief, and I've got some chicken noodle soup for his dinner - poor guy! I'm hoping my weekend stays clear as well!

Rebecca D said...

I love you more then coffee and we know how much I love coffee but all your "spring" talk is getting in the way of my affection lately! (hehehehe) Ok, I admit being BURIED under all this snow is making this girl a little nuts!!! Ughhhhh... It snowed 4-5 inches last night and I didn't even notice until we went outside and I saw it on the car!

melanie said...

Oh spring! How nice for YOU to see sun again and color too! No, not jealous at all. Ha. Pretty pic tho!

Wyatt - makes me tired just to read about his less-than-stellar day. More motherly sympathy here.

Jhona Oberholtzer said...

Such beauty! I hope your Wyatt's day gets better and that your bowl of soup saves the day(I'm sure it will)!