Saturday, February 14, 2015


Hurray for Second Saturday, which is to say that we didn't have school yesterday so today feels like a second Saturday.  Why not?  And we get Monday off as well, so three cheers for a mini-break :D

Meanwhile, a few random thoughts.  Today I...

... spent a few hours today getting our tax stuff all together.  At least the part that's my responsibility.  Of course, that involves getting caught up on tracking our checking account and making sure I have a paper trail in case we ever need to prove anything. Ugh.  But what a huge load off my back - yippee!  And as I look back through the year, I'm reminded of God's faithfulness.  Last year we finished one month with TEN DOLLARS in the checking account, but at least it was ten in the black.  Whew.

... packaged up my friends' quilt to mail.  Breanna, if you're reading, it will be on its way to Chiang Mai when the post office opens again on Tuesday :D

... have had time to visit with some of my neighbors.  I'm so glad I have the kind of neighbors that do drop-ins, you know?  I go "practice the art of sitting".  My friend down the alley is recovering from hip surgery (her third) and spending her time of enforced rest by learning to play TWO instruments.  I haven't heard her with her autoharp, but we've had some fun with the hammered dulcimer she has on loan :D  And my next door neighbors (distant cousins) are celebrating their 60th anniversary this weekend.  They're very sweet... and they crack me up.  When I came to the back door, Bea waved me into the kitchen.  It's always warm in their house... so very warm.  Ralph called from the living room to greet me and to warn me that he didn't have any pants on.  (He is NOT a creeper - don't get the wrong idea!  If my house was that hot I might watch TV in my underwear too!)   I stayed in the kitchen ;D

... wrapped up some sweets for all my sweeties :D  And Tate "helped" me make sugar cookies a day ago.  Well, yes, he really is helpful, but ALL the boys want to "help" make cookies, mostly because they want pinch bites - dough.  I think they'd rather have the dough than the cookies ;D

In other news,  why is fish so fishy?

I'd much rather cook fish in the summer.  Outside.  On the barbecue.  Because the smell lingers.

Happy Valentines Day to you all and your sweeties :D


Monica said...

Oh I so understand the tax thing! Being beef farmers there is a lot to keep track of. *sigh*
Fish is not allowed to be fried in my house! The smell never goes away! Hope you enjoy your long weekend!

The Hibbard Family said...

It's been so long since I've made it a daily habit to check your blog - and I've missed it! You make me smile, my friend. Of course, the "creeper" comment made me laugh out loud! :D

Oh, and half the time our cookies never make it to the oven.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Glad to give you a giggle, Ann :D
And Monica, I think I need to adopt the "no fish cooked IN the house" motto, too!