Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Brain Dump

1.  I couldn't wait for Spring Break.

You know, when the minions work for me every day until lunch and we get a ton of stuff done.  Because that's my idea of vacation ;D  And besides, it was their room that needed attention - the dust bunnies, the clutter, the detritus of three teenage boys.  It was time to take off the flannels and give everything a clean start.

It was a mini-blitz.

Gunnar's area looks 'busy' because of his bulletin board, but it's all tidy and clean.
Of course, it will all look better when we get the clean sheets on and the beds made, but still...

Tate's corner also looks clean and tidy, especially since we got his second set of antlers hung, and all his CAP awards filed in his notebook.

Wyatt's area, on the other hand, still has disaster looming over it.  He was at school while we cleaned (and does he thank us? No...) and his area only looks this tidy because...

... we carefully piled all his clutter into this box.

Can you see the size of that?!  It's nearly as big as a large laundry basket, and it's full of....
what exactly?


2.  Gunnar and I went for a walk around the duck pond.  

Sometimes he's grumpy about me cruelly forcing him to get fresh air and exercise...

... but that usually doesn't last long, and then he perk up and chatters to me the whole time.

The.  Whole.  Time.

And he notices things that are fun, like this CROCODILE in the DUCK POND!

Doesn't it look like a crocodile?
The ducks are even FLEEING FOR THEIR LIVES!
Or coming to beg for a handout.  Take your pick.

We noticed something about the ducks...

Usually there's a big flock of them paddling around the pond, but today...

all pairs.

Three pairs in this next photo - can you see them all?

They were busy making nests under the cattails.

On the opposite side of the pond from you-know-who.

Just to be safe.

3.  And this is why we don't walk in the woods on very windy days.

4.  It seems like time to start a new project.

This fabric has been waiting for years, I'm ashamed to say.

It was going to be curtains for my bedroom, but I used something else

I've been thinking of trying this woven Irish Chain, but it seems too busy of a pattern to use a print.

So maybe this.

 The lighter blue will be the blueberry print, but I think I'll switch the navy (looks black in the photo) and the white.

I think.

Or maybe I'll do something totally different.
Sometimes it takes me forever to commit to a plan and then
cut the fabric.

As if lives hung in the balance.

4.  I love going to the boys' music lessons and listening in :D

I love the concentration...

and the fun of figuring something out.

5.  There were deer in our yard again.

And it's not the first time this season.
They're baaaaaaaack.

6.  The boys had an inspection last week at CAP.

Boys being boys, they much prefer their BDUs (camo),
but I like their Dress Blues :D

Ahhhh :D

7.  Yes.  We have green grass.

Not a single flake of snow this year.
I think Maine got our share - sorry Rebecca!

Have a great weekend, my friends :D


Crystal said...

Hahaha! The detritus of 3 teenage boys. YES! Oh, how quickly it builds up. I'm always amazed at how parallel our lives are even down to the boys' furniture for their rooms.
Gunnar is looking so mature and I see him being a good mix of his older brothers. That's how our 3rd is. We call him the missing link between #1 and #2.

melanie said...

I think I need you to brain dump *daily* - I enjoy hearing/seeing it all! ;-)

Of course I love the blueberry print. Maybe it should be curtains in MY kitchen?? :D

I might as well believe you live in Hawaii. Just look at all that GREEN! But we are working on it here {okay, really WE are doing nothing, but God has given us some lovely warm spring weather this week!}

Oh, Happy Pi Day!!!

Rebecca D said...

I want to start spring cleaning but it's hard if you can't open the windows and air stuff out.