Friday, March 27, 2015

That's Educational... Homeschool Moments

It's a rainy Tuesday and it's time for Biology, so what do you do?

Dissect a frog, of course.

While the raindrops stream down the window.

Looks like he's enjoying it.

More rain... 

That's a photinia bush, in case you wondered.
The new leaves are red.

And... we have a female frog.
Those are eggs.
Lots and lots of eggs.

And that's the last dissection of this round of Biology.
He's done an enormous earthworm, a fish, a crawdad,
and now a frog.

Go, Tate, go :D

Yesterday, with the sun shining, I sent him up to the pond to do his Field Study.
Besides his written description, he brought me this fabulous duck picture...

Yes, it's spring, and the males are competing for females ;D

One more week, and then spring break.


And how's your schooling going? 

1 comment:

Choate Family said...

Tate is MUCH neater than Benjamin in his frog dissection! Looks like we are just a few weeks ahead of you guys in biology. Beautiful pics, friend :-)