Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Is It Spring?

Gunnar and I spend a lot of time in the school room, and the windowsills are often full of our ongoing science experiments.  I brought this little plant up to demonstrate heliotropism (how the leaves will turn to face the sun) and then left it, because why not?

A friend of ours in Wenatchee pinched a start of this from the famous Ohme Gardens.  Kerry has always been kind of amazed that this very elegant and proper lady would pinch a plant (!) and when we were over visiting one year, he asked her for a cutting.  It's a ground cover - I think a kind of Creeping Jenny - and I have a patch of it in my flowerbed.

One year I thought I ought to bring a bit of it in for the winter, because what if it got too cold and killed it off?  But take a good look...

Do you think the plant knows it's spring?
Look how it's trying to propagate!

And speaking of spring...

flowering red currant :D


Mrs. Doug said...

Looks like that science experiment better not get planted in the garden... it looks like a predator with those root hairs hanging all over looking for a good place to land. I bet it could be really aggressive weed!!!

Very pretty in the sunshine though.

Rebecca D said...

On our side of the country we are down to less then 3 feet of snow in our yard...I wonder how much flights west are? :)