Monday, February 22, 2016

Grasshopper Days

Grasshopper Days

For today, Monday, February 22, 2016.

Outside my window...  a squirrel on a branch, staring at me.  I threw a bunch of stale peanuts out a few days ago.  If he's looking for more, he's out of luck.  As are the boys, who are kind of giving up on hoping for snow this winter.

Hearing...  yet again, the laundry.  I once read something like, What if you could only keep what you gave thanks for?, so let me just say that I am very thankful for my washer and dryer ;D

Pondering...  saw this on Monica's blog and "lifted" it - I don't think she'll mind :D

Praying... for the boys and their school / work, for Kerry to GET more work, and for all of us to be kind and patient with each other :D

Thankful...  we're all staying pretty healthy this winter, we had a great time visiting with friends yesterday, and Gunnar and I had a good walk this morning.

Creating...  okay, here's the funny thing.  I've mentioned that my neighbor is teaching me to knit.  She's taught me exactly that - the knit stitch.  So I am a veritable knitting one-trick-pony.  You need a dish cloth?  I'm on it.  This was the first one:

So fancy, much wow.

Bea started it for me, gave me a ball of yarn, and a pair of needles.  And she helped me finish it, because that's a hard part.  She makes fancier wash cloths, like these.  I like the Seahawk colors ;D

Notice the same variegated yarn?  Yah.  She gave me what was left of it, and another leftover ball of yarn, and suggested I combine them into one wash cloth, for more practice, so I did.  And look what the variegated yarn did...

It made a sort-of-pattern, all on its own!  I was kind of fascinated to see it get revealed, row by row... until I ran out of that yarn.

So that was my oh-so-fancy bit of creativity :D

Going...  to run Tate to work, pick up a book from the library, and buy some more steak and chicken on sale at Safeway... buy one, get two free.  That works for me!

Reading...  A Place of Quiet Rest, by Nancy Leigh DeMoss.

Looking forward to...  Gunnar, Grandma and I are going to the Fiddler's Feast concert this Saturday!

In the kitchen...  hmmm, I'm thinking chicken for dinner!

In the school room...  Wyatt has an in-class presentation this morning - praying that goes well, and that he remembers to follow-up on a class credit situation with the Running Start office; Tate has little time between school and work today - he'll need to catch up on his homeschool work later in the week (not likely to be a problem for him); and Gunnar is struggling through a math test - dividing polynomials is such an abstract concept.  *sigh*

Around the house...  lots of red and aqua :D

The Mother Load...  many of the items on my list have the boys' names on them - things I need to make sure they do, as well as the things I need to tend to.  Kerry's 4Runner is still at the mechanic's, so we're having to negotiate sharing "my" van.

Noticing that...  Gunnar.  It's finally here.  He's taller than I am.  And there was much rejoicing!  And he SHAVED over the weekend.  Waiting to see if his brothers (who have been bugging him about all the peach fuzz) will notice.

A favorite quote today... 

The difference is Christ in me,
not me in a different set of circumstances.
Elisabeth Elliot

That woman sticks like a burr.  And that's a good thing.

One of my favorite things...  having Gunnar to run errands with me.  That era is about to end.

A few plans for the rest of the week...  my calendar looks pretty ordinary, and that's a good thing.  The exception is the concert this weekend!

A peek into my world...

Will it be clear or cloudy today?

Love the way the (brief moments of) morning sun shine into my bedroom!


Ann said...

Haha - I remember the dishcloth phase! I started getting online and looking for more patterns. Most of what I've made I never bound off - I just practiced, then took it apart. But, it gave me more variety!

Love the Elisabeth Elliot quote. I need to read more from her.

Have a wonderful Wed, my friend!

Choate Family said...

From peach fuzz to Elisabeth Elliot - first you have me smiling and nodding my head and then you go in for the kill with the quote! I always love reading your posts :-)