Friday, June 17, 2016

Friday Brain Dump

Yesterday was a big day.

I turned fifty.

Yes, 50.

I had a great lunch out with a few friends,
and didn't take a single photo.
No selfies.
Nothing to prove to the world that I was having a fun time
and that I Have Friends :D

Haven't been posting much because LIFE.
Life is good.
Life is crazy.
Three teenage boys will do that to you.

But here's a Friday Brain Dump for you,
to catch you up a little on the mundane and
not-so-mundane moments lately.

1.  Tate is done with high school.

No, we can't say he's graduated, because on paper he's just finished his sophomore year.
But he's done with high school.
I had some concern about re-launching him in public school two years ago,
having just been implanted and adjusting to his new hearing.

I had no cause to worry :D

2.  Simple things still please the boybarians.

3.  Just in case you wondered...

4.  Since we moved the rooms around, I'm a bit lost.

I've nearly walked right into Wyatt's room several times.
That's not cool when you have a 19 y.o. young man, y'know?
We knock.

But I'm really just looking for my space.
And everything in it.
Which is all arranged differently.

Leading to a lot of this...

5.  No, I'm sure it has nothing to do with turning 50!

6.  I did have an embarrassing moment, though.

I took my phone along when Gunnar and I went for a walk yesterday morning.
We'd seen an owl the day before,
and were hoping to see him again.

My phone kept pinging, with facebook messages,
because it was my birthday,
and I was ignoring them because I was walking with my son,
and didn't want to be one of Those People,

Until I got out of breath,
and the phone was a great excuse for a quick break.

So I quickly scanned the newest message and attempted to reply with a quick "thank you".
But my cold, fat, fifty-year-old fingers
accidentally swiped and instantly sent this:

A kissy face.

To my neighbor,
who is a PASTOR.

Pretty sure he has a good sense of humor.

I hope.

7.  I also spent part of my birthday and a couple of hours this morning being tortured.

Or filling out two FAFSAs online.
Same thing.

(Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

It's grueling, I tell ya.

And to add insult to injury,
they included this helpful information:

Oh, FAFSA, you crack me up.

I love how you're so concerned that people with over
know how to fill your form out properly.

Because they're applying for financial aid, WHY???

8.  I would much rather turn my thoughts to this...
isn't that the perfect photo for the verse?

(No, not my work.)

9.  And with that, I'm off to make lunch.

Because that seems so much more doable,
(see #2 above...)



Monica said...

oh i don't even know where to start!..
Congrats to Tate!
All my kids are gaga over Star Wars
I had a friend who's parents moved their bedrooms every 6 months! They didn't want them to get comfortable. ;)
OH Goodness, I sure hope your Pastor neighbor found that as hilarious as I did!
FAFSA...I CANNOT STAND DOING THIS! I have done it now for 5 year straight and it seems like they change something about it every year.
Love the photo with scripture (great one I might add) and hope you enjoyed your birthday!!!!
HAPPY HAPPY Birthday! :)

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Thanks, Monica! Oh my gosh, I can't imagine moving everything every six months!

Choate Family said...

I'm so glad you were well celebrated...and the parties aren't finished yet! I'll be asking for your wisdom and experience next year when I have to fill out the FAFSA, too. Thanks for always making me smile when I read your posts, Julie!

Sara McD said...

I'm gaining on you! I'm pretty sure there were fewer years between us a few years ago. Happy birthday!

sara mcd said...

no, wait. More years between us a few years ago. Ugh. old timers. senior moments.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

It all runs together anymore, Sara, am I right?