Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A Brain Dump In Which This Is What Happens In The Summer

That is, I can hardly remember what day it is.
The days, they are flying by.

1.  We started our summer with a bang,
as we gathered for Fathers Day  (5) / June birthdays (7),
aka Christmas In June.

Exhibit A: And that's not all of it!

One birthday girl, saving a seat for another (slightly older!) birthday girl :D 

It's a good thing nobody designated me the photographer,
because I sat across from a wall of windows,
didn't take many photos,
and the ones I did take weren't exactly great,
but here's my brother - one of the five dads we honored.

Somebody was really excited to get new doll-house furniture...
a bedroom with BUNK BEDS!

Though he pretends to be disgusted by ANY summertime discussion of school,
Gunnar is kind of looking forward to going to high school,
and he needed a new backpack :D

New clothes!

... and she knows it ;D

She wanted a little compact mirror.

Three of my guys :D

All the cousins but one -
away on a school trip to WA D.C. and NY.

And... more new clothes :D

2.  For Gunnar's actual birthday,
he requested tandoori chicken and naan bread.

Maybe it's just me, but IMHO
curries and fish should always be cooked outside.
I'm kind of particular about smells in the house.
And it's better on the grill anyway!

While his brothers slaved over the hot grill (ha ha ha)
the birthday boy got extra screen time.

I think these guys were having a better time!

So my BABY is officially FIFTEEN.
And, for the record,
I don't understand how that happened, since I still feel thirty ;D

3.  Tate has been working hard, finishing his chemistry.
I was happy to let him defer it to summer,
with all the other responsibilities he had through the spring.

Also, Tate acquired something new, can you see it?

Look closer.

His very own.

He had to leave it at home until the case came,
because TEENAGE BOY.

4.  Let me tell you what I think about deer.

The boys got me a lovely hanging fuchsia for my b'day,
then my cousin gave me a sunflower
and the boys gave me a red-white-blue flower pot for my birthday.
Nice, right?

But something doesn't look quite right.
There's no more red in the flower pot...

And the poor sunflower...

And they got most of the buds, too.

I'd much rather EAT deer, than have them eat all my flowers!

5.  Tate having a quiet moment with Polly.

Yes, she is lying on her back like a (human) baby, in his arms.
He's made her quite gentle :D

6.  Gunnar and I continue to go on morning walks,
and we admire the flowers around the neighborhood.

How are they so favored,
that the deer leave their flowers alone?

7.  I'm loving my new office/craft space.

These big storage units were difficult to move,
and when I say "difficult" I mean Kerry and the boys disassembled them, 
and then reassembled them,
because they are too big to go around the corners.

I'm not sure how many more moves they can take.
Ya gotta love IKEA,
but it's not exactly heirloom quality, y'know?

I still get a little surprise when I walk in and see this in my office...

... but I can sit down, put my feet up,
and have my morning tea,
with Harrison Ford.

And tonight?

8.  Kerry is taking me out to dinner...
for my birthday!

I'm not milking it...
well, maybe a little.

He offered to take me out ON my birthday,
but my girlfriends had taken me to lunch
and I wasn't hungry enough to really enjoy it.
My parents invited us up the next night.
And then... life got busy.

Tonight's good!


Ann Hibbard said...

I love seeing into your life. Even moreso now that we're IRL friends, too! :) Your family makes me smile. ~ Ann

melanie said...

Delayed birthday dinner out = very good idea! :D

Choate Family said...

Naomi is such a cutie! Hard to believe she is so big. And speaking of so big...those handsome boys of yours!!! We are counting down (at this point, the months) until we can come see your beautiful corner of the world...

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Melanie - oh yes it was!

Ann - I'm so glad we're IRL friends, too!

Joanna - we are counting down too! Can't wait to see you all again!

Lisa said...

I bet for 10 years the deer never touched my rose bushes. For the last few years, they look like your sunflower. Oh, and they will wait until they are in full bloom to mow them down. I am tired of being frustrated and plan to rip them out soon. So sad:(