Wednesday, June 15, 2016

From the Mind of Tate

So I've been cleaning out.

I'm good at getting rid of things.  Things I wonder why on earth I ever saved.

Like all the boys' baby teeth.  (Ewwww!)

Here's the funny part - Tate wrote letters to the Tooth Fairy, negotiating for a prize.  Because at our house the Tooth Fairy was pretty much a cheapskate ;D

(Tate lost his first molar and a bigger tooth must be more valuable, right?  Still, best to be subtle.)

Dear Tooth Fairy,
I've always wished they were selling Howitzers the size of my soldiers.
Sincerely, Tate

Ooo, I see what you did there.  You remembered the Store Rule.

I had a rule for the kids when we were shopping:
If you ask for things you Do Not Get Them.
But you can admire them, and then I know what you like ;D

But, yah, the Tooth Fairy couldn't find any little tiny plastic-soldier-size Howitzers, either.

(Spending the night at Aunty Tami's house.)

Dear Tooth Fairy,
I just lost TWO teeth today!  One is at my house, and one is right here.  You could give me BOTH tooth's prizes, or one tonight and one tomorrow.  If you give me both today, be sure to leave a note.
From, Tate

You know, to make sure he got ALL the prizes.

?  2008
(Ooo!  Even more sophisticated!)

Dear Tooth Fairy,
I've been trying to earn money.  Since I know it's just a joke, since my friends say you gave them $20 or $30, I would only prefer $1.

Oh, that was masterful.  See?  I'm not greedy like Those Other People.  I only want ONE DOLLAR.

Because the usual quarter-a-tooth wasn't getting him to that new Lego kit fast enough. ;D


Monica said...

HILARIOUS! Yes, You should keep these forever! :)

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