Friday, December 23, 2016

Mele Kalikimaka


It's been quite a week.
But waking up to this was a pleasant surprise!
And it has not stopped snowing yet - almost nine hours and still snowing.

So this is what happened...
Tate went in to the dentist for a follow-up on Monday and everything was fine.
That night he started running a fever.

He didn't feel very good on Tuesday either, but he perked up in the afternoon, because IBUPROFEN.
I know he really really wanted to go to the CAP Christmas party.
He had concocted the best gift ever for the Secret Santa exchange,
and wanted to be there to deliver it and watch the other boy open it - success :D

By Wednesday we were at the doctor,
fearing he might have MONO.  Ugh.
So you can understand why we were both glad that he actually has....
an ear infection.
Hello antibiotics :D

Then on Thursday Tate was feeling better enough to do this...

Can't tell?  Look closer...

Yep.  We've got another licensed driver in the house!
Way to go, Tate!

I was so excited for him,
I told him he could drive himself to work the next day!
But then again...

We don't send new drivers out on snowy roads.

The other recent big event is that Wyatt...

successfully passed all his classes at WCC and GRADUATED!

We're so proud of him!

And if you're asking,
"What's next?"

Good question.
He's not sure yet.

But back to my tale of woe,
because you're hanging on my every word...

As soon as Tate got the antibiotic and started perking up,
Wyatt and Gunnar got sick.

Yesterday they were both feverish and weak,
and did nothing but lay around the house and take sips of water all day.
Today they're improving, but not back to normal.
(Oh, I crack myself up. Normal?)


I spent last night calling all the neighbors and canceling our Christmas party for tonight.
The boys may be improving,
but I don't want a virus to be our Christmas gift to the whole neighborhood.

We're thoughtful like that.

I was going to make another batch of cookies today,
but as it stands... with no crowd of people coming over tonight...
we've got our work cut out for us to eat all the treats we have!

I think the boys are up to the challenge ;D

Forgot to post this the other day...
the morning of the solstice Gunnar and I went for a walk.

If it had to be the shortest, darkest day of the year,
at least it was clear.
We loved the soft, misty colors before sunrise.

So today,
we'll cozy in at home,
watch the snow fall,
and try to get everyone WELL.

If you're my real-life friends...
between wisdom teeth (Tate), graduation (Wyatt), colonoscopy (Kerry),
snow days (Gunnar), and viruses,
So don't feel personally snubbed.

May your days be merry and bright :D


Ann Hibbard said...

I'm soaking up all your snow pictures, my friend. Enjoy!

Praying for a long stretch of Grasshopper wellness as you prepare for the new year!

Choate Family said...

Oh, Julie! Your post and the new header (at least to me) were exactly what I needed to get my tropical self into the cold and beauty of your Christmas. Thanks for sharing :-)