Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Grasshopper Days

Grasshopper Days

For today, February 15, 2017
aka "Half-price Chocolate Holiday" ;D

Outside my window...
we're back to our "normal" winter weather -
cold, wet, rainy, and sometimes windy.
BUT we just had a week of snow,
which is a lot prettier than muddy drabness,
so that's what you get photos of :D

On a walk with Gunnar

the washer and dryer working,
but otherwise a quiet house.
Kerry is working in his office,
Wyatt went to do a job for his uncle,
and Tate and Gunnar are at school.
They're getting used to their regular schedule again
after a week off.

And why a week off?

Here is one of the local high schools...

... and an elementary school,
where my friend's kids attend.
Notice the tops of the door frames...

And this "driveway",
near some other friends' house!

So, yah,
we kind of just hunkered down :D

When it wasn't so deep...

something is missing from my kitchen...

... it would be the refrigerator.
It crapped out Saturday night,
and they can't deliver the new one until Friday.

I know, first-world problem, right?  But...


* Wyatt needs a job
* Wyatt needs motivation to go FIND a job
* I visited a friend in the hospital who is NOT looking good

Valentine Sunrise

* a new fridge IS on the way
* my neighbors rescued me yet again, and are storing our food
so we don't lose anything
* everywhere we lived we've had good neighbors -
what a blessing!
* other than Tate coming down with a cold (I think, he sounded hoarse anyway),
everyone is healthy :D
* and for these flowers :D
(there was chocolate too!  Guess why it's not pictured?!)

my Valentine boy wore this!

had to put all my creative stuff awaynto get ready for taxes.
Now that MY part is done...
time for some more sewing :D

to pick Gunnar up from school shortly
and run to the grocery store...
such an exciting day (/sarcasm).

Saving Leonardo, by Nancy Pearcey.
I think I need to go back and take notes...
none of her books are light reading!

Looking forward to...
a friend of Gunnar's is doing the same Biology course.
We moms planned their schedule together
so the boys can do their dissections together -
two heads are better than one,
and with kids only semi-skilled with scalpels,
two giant earthworms are also likely to be better than one ;D
And - bonus! - fun mom-time for us!

In the kitchen...
while everything else still works,
not having a fridge
(and all the food in it!)
is so inconvenient for cooking!
Yes, our food is in the neighbors' extra fridge,
but CRAMMED in, like Tetris.
Not convenient to just run over and grab something.
Only two more days.

In the learning rooms...
I'm so proud of the boys.
Gunnar's (public) school was out all week,
but he kept up with his homeschool work.
Tate had 2/5 days of classes,
but continued studying at home and
working ahead where he could.

Around the house...
candles and coziness :D

This was the day it was supposed to rain, and start to melt.
Hint:  That's not rain.

Noticing that...
the days are (slowly but surely) getting longer.

Still not melting...

Something to remember for later...
Gunnar's enthusiasm for new electives his school hopes to offer next year.
Because they're switching to an EIGHT PERIOD SCHEDULE.
Yes, I know there will only be four classes each day,
and they alternate.
But still.


Not me, in case you were wondering.
One of the best things about going to college was only having
three or maybe four classes to manage!

I love that Gunnar is excited about school
and I don't want to rain on his parade,
but I DO want him to be realistic about what
he might take on next year!

Eight.  EIGHT!

I wonder how excited the teachers are about having eight classes of kids to keep track of?
Okay, one planning period, but still... what's that 180? 200 students?
Yah.  Great idea.

Still not melting.
The neighbor ventures out to get her mail.

The Mother Load...
* STILL working on getting insurance approval for the batteries Tate needs
* need to sort out the closet in the family room
* need to sort (with the boys) their winter gear
* inventory cabzilla and the big freezer
* fix apron and/or sew new one
... and more...

Something fun to share...
less than three months until the Choates come to visit :D

 A favorite quote for today...
Chance favors the prepared mind.
- Louis Pasteur

One of my favorite things...
a hot shower and dry clothes,
after being cold and wet.

A Bible verse...
Matthew 10:42
And if anyone gives even a cup of
cold water
to one of these little ones who is my disciple,
truly I tell you,
that person will certainly not lose their reward.

I'm missing my fridge!

A few plans for the rest of the week...
* today is day to stay at home :D
* Thursday I get to hang out with my friend Sara,
while our boys cut up worms
(guess who gets the better end of THAT deal?!)
* Friday the NEW FRIDGE COMES!
Then, the weekend :D 

A peek into my world...


Choate Family said...

There is SO much I want to say about this fun post, but I'll keep it to three things: 1) We, too, are super excited about finally visiting your "neck of the woods". 2) The half-price chocolate sales the day after Valentine's Day, well, that's one of the things I really miss about living in America. 3) When I taught high school, we had eight school periods. Four on "A" day and four on "B" day. It was not a good fit for the teachers or for the students. One pep rally on Friday morning, and I didn't see my students from Wednesday morning until Tuesday morning. That was killer for a musical ensemble! I imagine it would be just as difficult for any kind of academic class, too. Keep those gorgeous pictures coming!

Sara McD said...

I remember having nine - NINE! - classes in high school. The couple of semesters there were only seven, seemed light. I never thought about how silly that was until you just pointed it out.

Wilma said...

Our high school system changed to the block program in which we had 4, 90 minute periods. I loved it. I could plan for more depth as I had the time to do it. I taught American Literature, both Honors and Regular classes and an elective, such as Appalachian Literature, Multicultural Literature or Medical Terminology. My schedule varied from semester to semester, but even with three preparations, I still loved this arrangement. I'm so sorry there are so many for you! I don't think it's good for anyone.

We have had a very mild winter here in southern West Virginia to date. Today, the temps were in the 60s and I hung my wash outside. It smells so good.

Hope the snow melts soon! Have a wonderful and blessed week!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

I think the longer periods are a good idea, but I'd rather do something like five classes a day, but break the year into quarters or trimesters and change classes more often - so they still get more (#) of classes through the year, but not so many at one time! We'll probably just register Gunnar for six (one half day and one whole day) and leave it at that, as he has some homeschool work he'll still be doing as well.

One more year of public school and he'll be into Running Start :D