Monday, February 6, 2017

Grasshopper Days

Grasshopper Days

For today, Monday, February 6, 2017

Outside my window...
And there was much rejoicing :D
I feel for ya, if you have to drive in it,
and things are scary-slick,
but this is Kerry's commute to work:

... and back home :D

I don't think there's a school in the county open today.

And yes, I know, it's not really that much snow,
but we've had a silver thaw too.

If I get my friend's permission,
I'll share her gorgeous photos. :D

the furnace - yay for a cozy house :D
and my electric kettle warming my tea water - double yay!

I had a fun adventure with my friend Katlyn on Saturday.
We were invited to Nicole's for a card making party,
because Valentine's Day approaches.

But... SNOW.

Nicole lives way up the highway toward Mt. Baker,
and had eight inches and more was falling.

But Katlyn... isn't she cute?! ...

... is a native Alaskan (with studded tires and AWD!) so we ventured out to Nicole's :D

We had a fun crafter noon...

making cards and looking out her window, watching more snow fall.

When it started falling more heavily,
Katlyn decided it was time to head back to town. 

Lo, the driveway is long,
and her car is not a plow ;D

But the highway was fine :D

* for a young gal at our church who had a baby on Saturday
* for the boys and their school work
* for Wyatt's job search *ahem*

Some of the people who live up the hill from us park down here when it snows.

* for a snow day!
* for a day to stay home and make bacon and pancakes for breakfast!
* for lots of leftover chili - so perfect for a chilly day!
* for the beauty of the snow!
* that 2/4 of our vehicles are 4WD!

Driving home from my parents' "Soup-er Bowl" party last night

time to dig out my Sorels

Just a dusting, and more coming down...

so happy to be going nowhere,
just out in the snow :D

Looking forward to...
This little piggy should have stayed home...

... and the males of the household need to

In the kitchen...
I have a ham all ready to go,
and wanted to slow-cook it in my crock pot,
but it's too big!
Good problem, right?
It'll go in the oven, then.

Name that tree, anyone?

In the learning rooms...
Apparently they are re-learning how to dress for snow.
Because boys are amazing.
It's 23F outside and one of my boys
- who shall remain nameless for his own protection -
just went out with a neighbor boy to sled down the big hill next to the house
"just a time or two or three"
in his track pants, tennis shoes, and a sweat shirt,
because, GENIUS, right?
No hat, no coat, no gloves...
Of course, they came in moments later,
covered in snow and shivering,
with numb fingers.
Let the record show that our boys DO OWN:
snow boots, snow pants (or "snowveralls" as they used to call them)
and hats and gloves.
But it's so warm in the house,
I'll just run outside in these clothes and it will be fine,
Genius.  Just genius.

This scotch broom thought it was spring already.

Around the house...
that wonderful light a snowy day brings.
I just love how everything is bright with reflected light.

Noticing that...
I guess I am easily entertained,
because I could watch it snow all day long.

This is where we usually have a nice view of the lake...

Something to remember for later...
one long-ago snowy day Gunnar and his buddy Juliann got tired
of playing in the snow before their older sibs did,
and came in for a snuggle and a video.

The Mother Load...
I'm taking a snow day and not thinking about it.
Tate, however, took a break from studying
to shovel our elderly neighbors' walkway :D

Something fun to share...
did I mention there's no school today?
Ah, yah.

A favorite quote for today...
from an Amy Grant Christmas song...

Little bits of heaven,
floating gently by my window...

One of my favorite things...
when I was a kid,
we'd go out to play in the snow and come back in
cold and wet and shivering (that's not the "favorite" part),
and my mom would make this:

toasted bread, with peanut butter, and little marshmallows,
toasted under the broiler.
I experimented with adding chocolate chips,
because CHOCOLATE.
This seems like the perfect day for it :D

 A peek at my world...
more little bits of heaven :D

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Ann said...

Thank you, thank you for sharing all the snow pictures! I'm soaking them up! So beautiful!