Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Silver Thaw

We've had a bit of snow here, and the boys have missed two days of school -
canceled because of road conditions.

I know some of you live where there is a LOT more snow,
and life goes on.

Roads get plowed and sanded,
people have snow- or studded tires,
and know how to drive in the snow.

That's not here!

Our city of 80,000+ has FOUR trucks that can plow.
I've actually seen little flat-bed city trucks
driving around our neighborhood,
with a pile of sand and two men with shovels
standing on the back.

But the snow isn't even the issue this time.
It's the ice.

We've had a Silver Thaw.

My friend, Emily Gibson, of Barnstorming,
gave me permission to share her beautiful photos.

I think he looks like Gimli,
from Lord of the Rings,
with all the snow on his face!


Anonymous said...

Emily should publish a book of her photographs! BEAUTIFUL -

Herding Grasshoppers said...

She has a gift and an eye for beauty :D

Choate Family said...

Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous. And making me ready for cooler weather :-)

dlefler said...

Oh my goodness, look at that ice! Beautiful (but I wouldn't want to drive in it)! We live in a snow-filled land, but we all have all-wheel-drive vehicles out here and plenty of plows (though somehow they always seem late up to our road, haha). It is very different when you live in a place without the equipment for dealing with snow!

The Hibbard Family said...

Oh how beautiful! When we get snow, ours does the same, so we definitely understand!