Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Grasshopper Days

Grasshopper Days

For today, Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Outside my window...
no more snow,
no more ice,
(well, frosty mornings),
just a quiet cloudy day.

Gunnar working on a project for school

the dryer tumbling,
otherwise quiet.
(Are you sensing a theme here?
Because with three sons, the quiet...
it is a rare thing ;D)

Gunnar is doing his first round of final exams at the high school,
as the semester ends tomorrow.
So far so good.
He seems distinctly un-stressed.

Finishing touches on his Kwakwaka'wakw eagle mask

direction and a JOB for Wyatt!

still reveling in the relief/joy that he GRADUATED!

The finished project delivered at school.
Yes, I drove him.
Can you imagine taking that on the bus?
Neither could I.

just finished 2017 Baby Quilt #3,
but no pictures until it's delivered :D
And it's going all the way to Myanmar!

to put all my sewing gear away for awhile,
and turn to other projects.

Isn't my Aunt Myrna adorable?  She was being silly, no adult beverages involved ;D

Saving Leonardo,
by Nancy Pearcey.

to play the violin,
little by little.
I may have advanced from
"dying crow"
to "wounded crow."

My cousin, brother and dad at Wyatt's grad party.

In the kitchen...
hmmm, what's for dinner?
Probably chicken.
Always a crowd-pleaser.

In the learning rooms...
so glad Gunnar finished his mask and got it turned in.
He was really proud of it - lots of work!
He's got two days of finals, then a long weekend.
Tate is just launched into his new quarter - yay Tate :D
And Wyatt is a GRADUATE.
Have I mentioned that a time or ten?!
Still trying to get my head around it.

Cousins :D

Around the house...
a bazillion little shreds of cardboard.
*Ahem, Gunnar*

Noticing that...
how do all these projects multiply faster than I can do them?

Dinner and games with friends... too bad you can't hear how much fun they were having!

The Mother Load...
It breeds when I'm not looking.
Cleaning my craft room is at the top of the list.
Quilting makes so much linty dust!
And all the clutter...
it's like mucus.
Makes it hard to breathe.

Something to remember for later...
one small victory in Kerry's battle for the garage,
thankfully NOT attached to the house!

Something fun to share...
cookies!  Cookies are fun to share!
Oh, that's not what they meant...

A favorite quote for today...
If you only trust your perceptions,
the world looks flat.
Jon Bloom

Because I can't leave you with a photo of a RAT... sunrise!

One of my favorite things...
spending time with friends.
Especially when they make dinner ;D

A few plans for the rest of the week...
new projects i.e. not sewing.

A peek into my world...
again, just to make sure the rat isn't the image you take with you...
New Year's Day morning,
coming home from church.


Ann said...

I LOVE the mask! Fantastic job!

The dB family said...

That mask!! It is fantastic!! Personally, I find the rat rather cute. Those little black beady eyes. Glad he wasn't in your house though! I am on a crocheting binge. Likely leaves a little less lint around. In fact the wool is great at collecting dog hair. Gives my afghans an angora feel. ;o)

Herding Grasshoppers said...

I'll pass you both of your praise to Gunnar - he enjoyed the project, with help from his dad :D

Deborah - maybe that's why your afghan looked so soft ;D