Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Grasshopper Days

Grasshopper Days

For today, Tuesday, January 17, 2017

We've had some glorious sunrises lately

Outside my window...
it's a dark and stormy night,
no kidding.
Raining and blowing,
and my new-ish driver is feeling confident enough to drive
himself and his brother to CAP.

And I'm completely calm,
or so I tell myself.

The frosty weather makes interesting, though short-lived, patterns on my windows.

rain lashing against the windows.
What a crazy night!

It stayed cold long enough that our lake began to freeze over,
something that happens only rarely

the decisions Wyatt will be making.

The smaller pond up the hill from our house froze more quickly!

for my boys :D

Gunnar was jealous that I had walked on the ice, so I took him up the next day.

for the time to do projects :D

I don't usually see the pond... from the middle!

2017 Baby Quilt #3

For Wyatt's grad party

to take my neighbor on some errands tomorrow.
(She broke her knee cap and can't drive just now.)
After PT she wants to go to Ragfinery,
and I'm always up for that ;D
New and second-hand fabric...
by the pound.

He wanted cookies, not cake.  Smart boy.

quilt patterns!

My brother, Kerry, and Tate

to play the violin!
I'm taking lessons with Gunnar :D

I'm two weeks in and let me awe you with my prowess...
I sound like a dying crow.

A dying crow, trying to croak out a D major scale.

I know.
Shock and awe.

Looking forward to...
the repairman is coming tomorrow,
because the fridge is out.
I'm looking forward to having a reliable fridge again!
(Oh the things we take for granted!)

So thankful for kind neighbors who happily clear space for me in their extra fridge.

Naomi cleaning up the wrappings

In the kitchen...
Half of our food is at the neighbors!
Good thing today was pizza day ;D

Aunt Myrna and Uncle Don

In the learning rooms...
Gunnar just aced a history test today - go Gunnar!
He's working on a mask for a project for his English class.
They all have to research, make, and write about a historical mask.
Apparently 90% of the class are doing Venetian masks
(which, quite frankly, creep me out - ick!)
but Gunnar and I found a really cool mask for him to study...
a Kwakwaka'wakw (Vancouver Island people) mask
that inspired the Seahawks' logo.

Wyatt's Grandma and his 2nd grade teacher!

Around the house...
candles at the ready,
because I wouldn't be surprised to lose power in this wind.

It stayed cold, and the lake kept freezing...

Something to remember for later...
The boys just HAD to go walk on the lake!
Love how the ice is so clear, that Tate's shadow doesn't connect to his feet!
Peter Pan, anyone?

The Mother Load...
Trying to get insurance clearance to replace
the power cels (batteries) for Tate's CI's.
I've been working on this since NOVEMBER.
(Life wasn't meant to be easy.)
But I think we're making progress.

I know what you're thinking...
Batteries?  Batteries?!
Why don't you just buy your own batteries!

Um, they're not like hearing aid batteries.
They're specific to his CI's.
He needs four - two to wear, and two to recharge.
And they're $270 each.
That's over a thousand bucks of power.

Just stay away from the bridge, because of the current beneath it!

Something fun to share...
Gunnar keeps telling me that next calendar year,
he'll be going to college.

September 2018.

How can that possibly be happening???

A favorite quote for today...
God designed your emotions to be gauges,
not guides.
They're meant to report to you,
not rule you.
Jon Bloom 

Here is the same photo again... but I marked the house I grew up in!

One of my favorite things...
when all my boys are home :D

A peek into my world...


Ann said...

Ragfinery - now that sounds like fun! Angie and I would go nuts (but especially Angie)!

And next calendar year? Your youngest in college? Oh my. I remember when they were all little...

Sara McD said...

What a full life! I love that you're learning violin.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Ann - I have to go in with a price limit in mind (cash only) and restrain myself!

Sara - I love that I can do it! And hurray for Kerry for being supportive of that, when I'm not working and money is tight. It feels like a luxury :D