Thursday, March 9, 2017

2017 Baby Quilt #2 - Woven

Our friends the Randalls are expecting Baby #2 in August.
That's a long time away!
No hurry, right?

But they live in Myanmar and don't have a reliable way to receive mail

Lucky for me, the grandparents had planned a February visit and had some room in their luggage for a gift to ride along... 

I saw a tutorial for this quilt on the Moda Bake Shop site,
made with a coordinated fabric line.
Looked gorgeous!
The instructions were clear,
and it was easy to reduce the number of blocks
to make this a baby-size quilt.

I think the pattern - the woven look -
is enhanced in a larger quilt with more blocks,
but it was a fun experiment to make!

My only caveat is that the design requires
pressing the seams open
which isn't normally a good practice in quilting.
I had problems with some of the seams gapping,
for no apparent reason
(even with a good quarter-inch seam allowance on both sides),
that I had to re-sew before quilting.

Plus, pressing seams open takes longer and makes it harder to nest seams
and match seam intersections,
so not a technique I'm in any hurry to repeat!
But it was worth it :D

The first block I made... I made wrong.
So rather than leave it an orphan,
(or pick it apart, because who has time for THAT?!)
I experimented with making a crinkly, taggy blanket.

This is a VERY AMATEUR first attempt,
so I hope it holds together for the baby!

Inner crinkly-ness achieved compliments of:

No, there are no tortilla chips inside!
I washed out the bag and sewed a square of it inside,
in place of batting.

Whatever works, right?!

And I "wrapped" it in this little bag,
for my very Dutch friend Breanna :D

Success!  Present delivered!

And though it's really for the next baby,
I'm glad Lena is enjoying it now :D

I guess she's adapted to the tropical climate!
Snuggling in a blanket when it's probably 90F?
Yep.  She's adapted!  And adorable :D

We miss you, Randalls!


Kim said...

Love the quilt! Love the crinkly, taggy blanket! Love the crinkly element of the blanket too! Nice work.

Ann said...

Oh, what a precious quilt!! I always so greatly love your color choices, but this one just exudes delight. And the crinkly blanket was such a great idea!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Thank you both :D I like experimenting!