Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Grasshopper Days


Grasshopper Days

For today, Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Outside my window...
And rain.

I think this explains a lot:

the ever-present furnace,
because this winter has been colder than the last three or four.

consider yourselves warned:

* for stamina and endurance for Kerry, who has LOTS of work (hallelujah!),
* for a job for Wyatt,
* continued diligence for my 20-credits-every-quarter Tate,
* and guidance for Gunnar who wants an adventure in his life...
on a very limited budget.

A sunny, snowy morning.

* for all the work Kerry is swamped with!
* for beautiful snowy days
* and for the extra "margin" in my life this year for new experiences

Guess who was in our driveway overnight?

I've been working on a quilt for ME,
and just packed it off to the quilter's,
as it's too big to go through my regular sewing machine.
Can't wait to see how it comes out!

Walking in a winter wonderland :D

to bed early,
because I live such an exhilarating life.

I love how the snow was sliding off the branch, but still holding together.

that I've been holding the violin incorrectly,
so now I feel like I'm starting all over,
holding it the right way.
Well, three steps forward,
two steps back.
But better to fix it now than try to fix it a year from now,
when the habit is harder to break.
Back to very-sick-crow squawk-squawk.

I wonder if the people who live in this house notice
that I often stop there for a photo of the lake?!

Looking forward to...
having enough skill to play music that's fun to play and hear!

Must be a curly willow!

Around the house...
gee... I should've left my winter stuff out a lot longer this year!
The lake froze over, we had two major snow accumulations,
and beyond that we've had LOTS of days with snow on the ground -
way more than usual, and I'm loving it :D

Big Rock Pond

Noticing that...
aren't these guys cute?!
Gunnar and his friend AJ are doing the same biology course,
so AJ's mom and I scheduled all their dissections together.
 Last Friday was "crawdad day" :D

Something to remember for later...
preserved specimens don't last forever.
Probably better not to buy the dissection kit
two years in advance.
Now that my boys are all aging out of homeschooling,
I've got it all dialed in.  ;D

Something fun to share...
just when you need a friend,
God brings one along.
Even better,
a whole family of friends!
So thankful for my friend Sara,
and her crew :D

The Mother Load...
* we're STILL working on replacing Tate's power cels (for his CI's)  GRRRRRRR
* need to get Tate a passport
(no, he's not going anywhere any time soon,
but now that he's 18, if we even want to go to Canada...)
* inventory cabzilla and the big freezer
* sort the boys' hats/gloves/etc with them
* prepare binding for The Quilt, for when it returns
* get stamps
* clean my craft room -
you wouldn't believe how much lint quilt-making generates
... and more... 

More snow just yesterday, while I was running around with my mom!

A favorite quote for today...
If you want to hear God audibly,
then read the Bible out loud.
- David Mathis

All the spring flowers... in a snow storm.
Welcome to Washington.

One of my favorite things...
FINISHING things... like the quilt top.

A few plans for the rest of the week...
clean and organize,
doesn't that sound fabulous?
When I get it all organized,
then I can start the next project ;D

Snow through the windshield, and NO I wasn't driving ;D

A peek into my world...

a purple, snowy morning.


melanie said...

When you do stuff, stuff gets done. Or so I've heard somewhere ;-)

An entire quilt top is SO much more impressive and fun than entering last year's check book register into the computer... Just sayin!

#WeShowUp! 8-)

Unknown said...

I'm laughing because you've had a colder winter and we've barely had one - but they're forecasting wintry weather for this weekend!!!

Still loving your snow pictures, and I can't wait to see that quilt!