Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Grasshopper Days

For today, Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Outside my window...
looks NOTHING like the photo above.
The calendar may say spring,
but with the crazy cold winter we've had...
Delay-of-game foul.
Blooming isn't happening yet.

who remembers,
"It's Winds-day!"
(Hint: It was a blustery day in the 100 Acre Wood.)
And why... WHY???
Why is it always windy on garbage day???

the deep and abiding love I have for...
my crockpot.
Twenty minutes of prep this morning, and BAM,
dinner's ready.

Happy First Day of Spring!

* Tate is in the middle of finals week
* Wyatt is STILL looking (sort of) for a job
* Gunnar is plugging along just fine (well, with a side of teenage drama)
* Kerry is keeping his head above water with work
* and I am juggling everyone ;D

* everyone is healthy!  bonus! (because it's so easy not to think about it... until we're not)
* the boybarians were home to help carry in the load
I brought home from Costco
* I got my quilt back from the quilter!!!
* Wyatt just filled out his own tax return, without my help

have to put the binding on the quilt, and then I can show it off,
but here's a sneak peek at the quilting...

to make a cup of tea :D

new music!

on the piano, I like flats better than sharps (why???),
but with the violin it's the opposite!

Looking forward to...
beef roast for dinner,
and all the work is already done ;D

In the kitchen...
I love the feeling of having the cupboards packed full of food!
And we just did a big "cabzilla" cleaning and inspection,
and made sure everything was still up to date
(and not old and expired - ewwwww!)

In the learning rooms...
* Tate is blazing through his finals - just one more to go tomorrow
* he went on a bonus field trip today to a digester,
where they're turning cow poop into energy,
how cool is that?!
* Gunnar is looking forward to TWO dissections later this week,
a fish and an ENORMOUS frog

Around the house...
is it time yet?
The calendar says spring,
but I'm not sure I'm ready to take the flannel sheets off!

Noticing that...
EVERYONE has noticed the cake on the counter,
and felt compelled to ask me if they can eat it NOW.
How about after dinner, for dessert???

Something to remember for later...
you moms of girls, let me tell you,
boys have their teenage drama too.
Someone NEEDS a new pillow TODAY,
RIGHT NOW, because he can't possibly get good sleep
with his OLD PILLOW!
And DON'T LAUGH because 

But it is.

The Mother Load...
I've been chipping away at it,
and looking forward to spring break,
when I can put the minions to work.
But - of course - Tate and Gunnar's spring breaks don't line up.
Because why on earth would we want life to make sense?

Something fun (weird) to share...
So I went to Costco today with my mom.
We divide and conquer - do our own shopping and meet at the car.
Our Costco moved to a new, bigger building in November,
and I haven't been to the new one yet.

* The good news is,
it appears to be laid out exactly like the old one,
for which Costco has my immense gratitude.

* The weird new is,
mom and I spent the exact same amount of money.
How does that even happen???
Within a dollar of each other!

* Also, had you seen her vehicle, you'd have been properly impressed.
Because getting $810 worth of groceries and toilet paper into her car
was like an extreme Tetris challenge.
And let me assure you, we rose to the challenge ;D

A favorite quote for today...
When we're not quite sure, we end up
making decisions based on what we really love.
- Jon Bloom

So look at the pattern of your decisions...

A Bible verse for today...
But the plans of the Lord stand firm forever,
the purposes of His heart through all generations.
Psalm 33:11

A few plans for the rest of the week...
I used to be organized and post this on Monday,
when the week was ahead of me, rather than half gone.
What's left?
I get to go to BSF tomorrow :D

A peek into my world...
from a long-ago visit to a wildlife park with the boys...

Salamander is happy to see you!

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