Monday, June 19, 2017

Grasshopper Days

Grasshopper Days

For today, Monday, June 19, 2017

Outside my window...  typical June.  Not quite summer.  Cloudy and cool.

Hearing...  listening to Hawaiian music on Pandora ;D

Pondering...  I've been working on a new quilt for ME that I'll post in a few days.  Meanwhile, I took the byproducts of that quilt and made a pillow.

Each square from the quilt had a small turquoise square sewn on two opposite corners.
I sewed a seam, corner-to-corner, and trimmed off the excess.

Praying...  Tate has ONE MORE final exam and then launches right into his summer job.  He was successful in the interview I mentioned and has been hired at the local wastewater treatment plant.  It's not a glamorous job, but it's a good one, and will count for TWO internships toward his program at the tech college.  Yay, Tate :D

Thankful...  for Tate's summer job, for Wyatt's new job, that Gunnar is out of school for the summer, and that Kerry continues to be busy with work.  And for my large, crazy family.  We just had our June "thing"... five fathers for Father's Day, seven birthdays, and one high school graduate.  Kind of Christmas in June!  Fabulous and exhausting.  And they know me well... I got THREE gift cards to Joann fabric ;D

Trimming the corners of the big squares leaves little triangles,
sewn into "HSTs" - half-square-triangles.
But look at all the little "ears" that need to be trimmed next.

Wearing...  capri jeans, blue t-shirt.  So fancy, much wow.  But it's my nice jeans because I'm going to a shower tonight.  Oh yes.  So fancy.

Creating...  a pillow - revealed below, a fall quilt I'll show later in the week, a baby quilt to be given tonight - pics soon, and another baby quilt for a July shower.  And then I decided that for someone as messy in the kitchen as I am, one apron wasn't enough, so I sewed up two more.  And guess what my sweet neighbor, Queen Bea, gave me for my birthday?  An apron!  Didn't tell her I'd made a couple because they'll all get used.  And hers is a nice, plain blue one that the boys would not be mortified to borrow if they were BBQing or something manly like that ;D

Aren't all those little ears kind of pretty?
But I'm not sewing those into ANYTHING.
I may be crazy, but I'm not THAT crazy ;D

Reading...  just started The Story of Reality, by Gregory Koukl.  Only a third the way through and I highly recommend irt.  It's a great overview of Christianity - good for getting a handle on the big picture, and would be a great book to give to an interested non-believer.

Looking forward to...  less than a month until fiddle camp!  Gunnar and I are practicing daily.  And - to make it more fun - a friend of his will be riding over with us.  He's going to a different event, but right near ours.  So much more fun for the boys to have that ride time together :D

And... HSTs sewn into "flying geese", and geese into pairs, and pairs into...

In the kitchen...  the boybarians have to fend for themselves tonight.  Good thing I stocked up on frozen pizza.  I'm going to a baby shower, with my homemade rolls and cabbage salad.

In the learning rooms...  BAH HA HA!  Peace and quiet!  Summer vacation!

Sewn, sandwiched, quilted, and bound :D

Around the house...  at this year's June birthday bash, we all leaned more heavily on gift cards, so not a lot of gifts to put away.  I appreciate the new door mat (a vibrant sunflower), a fruity summer candle, a Swedish cookbook (Fika!), and a few other things, AND the gift cards / $ :D

Noticing that...  we just got the last debt paid off!!! (not counting the house), aaaaaand the van is in the shop.  Waiting to hear about that...

Envelope backing.

The Mother Load...  is surprisingly NOT overwhelming at the moment.  Maybe I shouldn't mention that.  Now I'm being superstitious.  Overthinking, much?

A favorite quote for today... 
All your really need to know about guidance can be summed up in this one sentence:
God is faithful, so obey Him.
Whether or not that seems likely to work is not your business.  Being faithful to God's revealed will is your business.
 - Iain Duguid

Clearly, I spared no expense on my display apparatus ;D

One of my favorite things...  everyone home for dinner.  Isn't that just right?

A few plans for the rest of the week...  HA HA HA!  We're out of school!  Actually... violin lesson tomorrow.  And it's Gunnar's actual b'day tomorrow, so he'll get to pick the dinner menu.  But they have PT (physical training) night at CAP, so he might defer to Wednesday.  They don't like to eat a lot before they go exercise... good thinking.  But the rest of the week looks gloriously free :D

A peek into my world...  there's my new pillow.  Waiting in my rocking chair, all ready for a cup of tea with Han and me.

And a peak at one of the trails Gunnar and I frequently walk.  And guess what has been seen around the neighborhood lately?  A BEAR.  No kidding.  Yes, we're still walking in the woods.  No, we're not afraid.  Yes, we're being cautious.  Mostly we're making a lot of noise.  What we DON'T want to do is surprise it.

And what does your week look like?


Sara McD said...

Cheerful pillow! Those "ears" look like confetti. You are so talented.

Thank you for the book recommendation.

Monica said...

Sadly some of your pictures didn't load for me! :( But I do love the colors of your quilt.
You can never have too many aprons... js.
Our son got a full time job as a custodian at the school for the summer. Hopefully the Army will accept him and he can go in August or September... My sister was in the AF and she said basic in the summer is brutal. Maybe the Lord know that and that is why there is a delay. (should we even try to guess His plan?)
Great that Tate is getting TWO intern credits for his job. That will help a lot.
I'll bet Gunnar is happy to be done for the summer. Wow, where has the time gone.
It's awesome that Wyatt has a new job and that Kerry has plenty of work! God is good... ALL the time! :)
Have a blessed day my friend!