Thursday, September 14, 2017

Grasshopper Days, or a Reasonable Facsimile

Grasshopper Days

For today, Thursday, September 14, 2017

Outside my window...  a perfect fall day - warm, sunny, breezy, with the promise of a cool night to come.  Fall mornings look kind of like this:

a bit of haze, sometimes morning fog.

Hearing...  blessed quiet.

Pondering...  how much I love fall.
And Gunnar wants to learn to make pumpkin bread.
We can do that.

Praying...  for friends in Texas and Montana - whew!
So thankful to see a bit of this last weekend!
Please note that I was in the passenger seat ;D

Thankful...  my dad is doing SO well.  We went on a hike earlier this week!  Took it really easy - around 2.5 miles, in and out.

This bathroom has just about the best view in the world ;D

The Mountain Man is back in the game.

Mt. Shuksan, elevation 9100' +

Glacier Peak, elevation 10,541'

Fall colors!

Tasty snack!

Dad was doing better than he looks here.  Probably chewing something.

Met. Baker, elevation 10,781'

On top of the world :D

Dad and I have both summited those three peaks (only Baker together though).

The road to Artist Point isn't for sissies!

Dad and I both (in our college-age years) worked at the Mt. Baker ski area, so -
yes - that was my view from work, every (clear) day!

Going...  back to Bible Study Fellowship today!!!
Just started up, studying Romans this year.
Find a group near you :D

Looking forward to...  through Gunnar's orchestra teacher we are able to get "cheap" tickets for certain performances in Seattle this year, namely the symphony and the opera.  You might think that three boys would be less than excited about the opera, and you might be right.  But when it's Rossini's Barber of Seville... well, that's pretty accessible.  I mean...

And turns out it's the same day the boys' CAP group is touring the Seattle Museum of Flight,
so we'll make a BIG day of it :D

In the kitchen...  chicken, sweet corn, salad... sounds like summer :D

In the learning rooms...  Gunnar was supposed to go to school today, but he didn't feel well.  Not sure how much that had to do with staying up too late last night AND a certain distraction we've acquired (will introduce in a moment...) but after missing his morning classes he made it for his afternoon set.  Homeschool tomorrow...

Around the house...  stuff, stuff, and stuff.  The detritus of three sons.
Time for a Saturday clean up.  Imagine how excited they'll be.
Tate's last day of work is tomorrow, then a couple days off before school starts.

Something to remember for later...  went out to lunch with my mom today.

I'm pretty sure this guy wasn't shopping where we were shopping ;D

Texted the photos to Wyatt and Tate.
Wyatt's response: "For sale?"

Yah, keep dreaming, Wyatt.

Something fun to share...

something new in Kerry's office...

... more than a cluttery table.

Look under the table...

Meet Niko.  We think he's pretty cute.

And that's all I got...  how's your September unfolding?


Anonymous said...

Good to 'HEAR' from you on this venue. Even though I SEE you and 'READ you' on FB, I still really like the blog. You share so much more personally here.....and just MORE than on FB. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

You need to put the 'new' house on these posts :).

Unknown said...

I miss you and your posts! Maybe Niko is keeping you extra busy... :)

Monica said...

I hope you have been enjoying life and that everything is well with you and yours! Merry Christmas Julie!!!! I've missed you!

Natalie said...

Where did you go? Really miss your talked of life!

Wilma said...

I've been checking your blog and am probably just being nosey, but wondering is everything is okay with all of you. I so enjoy your posts and have missed them. I'm praying that the new year is being good to you and yours.

Unknown said...

I miss your posts too! I just scrolled through your last one and noticed the bit about BSF. I recently joined a virtual satellite group -- how cool is that?!?! Hope you're well.