Thursday, September 7, 2017

Thursday Brain Dump

1.  High School.  
Yes, this is our last year of public high school.  Our district has made some decisions I think are stark-raving-crazy, but they've been so accommodating to us part-time homeschoolers, that we're not making a fuss about it.  (Things like starting school nearly an hour later so the babies can sleep longer - meaning Gunnar doesn't get home until about quarter to four, and having an 8-period schedule, etc.)  We're getting used to him going every-other-day for a full-day and it hasn't been pretty.  He comes home... HANGRY.  Tired and grouchy.  But we're working through it.

2.  Neil Armstrong...
in Civil Air Patrol, the "Neil Armstrong Achievement" is the last one before becoming an officer, and has additional requirements for the cadets to complete (namely, an essay and a speech) besides the drill test, PT test, aerospace and leadership tests that are normal.  So it's kind of a big deal.  But in typical military logic, they don't get new insignia or a new grade, so their grade is "Chief Master Sergeant Sustained" (because they were already C/CMSgt).  I'm glad they have to make sense of it and I don't.

Turns out that Gunnar earned his promotion
the same night as his best buddy at CAP :D
Since Tate was acting Cadet Commander that night,
guess who presented his award?
Yep, his brother.

I love it when the brothers have to salute each other.
You can be sure that's NOT happening at home ;D

And here's AJ :D

3.  Strings...
now that Gunnar's in the orchestra at school,
we've dropped his private violin lessons.
I'm debating continuing with the same teacher
(love her, but she's not overly directive)
or looking for someone else.
In the meantime, I'm keeping up on my practicing...

4.  The boys testosterone-laden outing...
I mentioned that they were heading for Deception Pass
in a small boat on Labor Day...
All went well.  Lots of fun.  Everyone got home safely.

I snagged this photo from Tate's Facebook post...

It was a gorgeous evening.

5.  Smoke...
but I bet you noticed something about that photo.
That amazing red sun is brought to you by...

Who knew that the weather app had an icon for smoke?
We're inundated again.

I often snap a photo from this point along one of my normal walking routes.
Isn't the lake pretty?
And all the foothills?
This was in May.

Now everything looks dirty brown.
And where did all the hills go?
The smoke is so thick we can smell it and taste it,
and the air is gritty.

And here - again, from May.

And yesterday.  Ugh.

It's sooooo dry.
I had just filled the bird bath with water (to the left of the bamboo)
and as soon as I went around the corner three deer showed up for a drink.


6.  Dad...
continues to get stronger.
And he can drive again (allowed after surgery)
so that is a huge sanity-saver for him and my mom both ;D

7.  The Mother Load...
making progress, but things keep piling up.
How does that happen???
And what are we going to have for dinner tonight,
because in the middle of seven errands this morning
I forgot to plan anything.

Which just about sums up my day perfectly.


Sara McD said...

Hey Julie! Sorry I've been missing awhile. Times they are a-changing over here and I'm having to adjust. Anyway, I always enjoy your brain dumps and today I especially love the photo of Tate and Gunnar!

My 12-year-old is considering CAP and I was grateful to have a little knowledge of it through you (my brother did it too, years ago) to share with him.

"Talk" soon!

Monica said...

Yikes! How do you deal with that smoke!?
Awsome job Gunnar! I don't understand our public school systems. I am so glad our youngest is out! I believe hubby had 2 more years to serve on school board and then (I HOPE) he will be done.
Glad you dad is doing so well!
Hope you have a good weekend! even with all that smoke.