Monday, September 4, 2017

It's 98 Degrees, Otherwise Known As "The Temperature of the Sun"

Washington is known as The Evergreen State for good reason.
Rain.  And lots of it.
This year?
Less than half an inch in June and none since then.
So we're a little obsessed.
I hear people walking by outside,
talking about the chance of rain in the coming days.
(Next to none.)

See my lawn?

It's all brown, except for the weeds.
The weeds are green.
Because, of course.

Kerry brought me this cute little (non-edible) pepper plant.

It's kind of fall colors, but I'm not thinking about that yet.
(Well, maybe a little.)

Mostly I'm thinking about the lake, and when can we go again.
Because if normal body temperature is 98 degrees,
why does 98 degrees of air temp feel so dang hot???

My folks have had us out to their beach recently.
It's a treat for us, and a bit of a sacrifice for them,
as my dad isn't supposed to swim yet.

I'm not sure if they're more concerned with the muscle movements involved
pulling on his chest where they split it open,
or if they're worried about infection in the incision -
which has healed beautifully.
But, either way, better safe than sorry, so he's staying dry and in the shade.

It's Labor Day weekend, and you know what that means?

Everybody who owns a boat is OUT IN IT.

Between their house and the lake... it had just dropped from 98.

Thank heavens the evenings are cooling off nicely.

Today Kerry, the boybarians, and a friend with a boat are out in Puget Sound somewhere.
Apparently the friend really, really wants to 'shoot the rapids' below the Deception Pass bridge when the tide is at full ebb.  I'm not sure that's a fabulous idea, but I was not consulted.

Here's a picture I snagged from the interwebs to give you an idea of what that might be like.

There's a LOT of current pulling through there.

But testosterone calls, and they must answer.

Meanwhile, in case you need a giggle to distract you from

And apropos of the hot weather...

That will be all.

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Rambling Tart said...

I never thought I'd see the day that Washington looked like sun-burned Australia. We are crispy and brown too, so so dry. Wishing us both good rain soon. :-)