Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Morning At Home

I love Christmas morning at home, with the boys in their new jammies.
On Christmas Eve they get to open one gift.
It is always new jammies.
That's so they will look somewhat presentable on Christmas morning in their jammies.
Aren't they cute?

I may be a little bit biased.

No opening anything until Mom and Dad are up.
And no waking Mom and Dad up until 7am.
Of course, we are already awake.
Because we hear them downstairs preparing the song.

Then, at the stroke of 7am they come to our bedroom and serenade us,
with a Christmas carol they have mangled modified.
Something wonderfully creative and original, like,

(Sing to the tune of Joy to the World...)

It's seven o'clock,
so come downstairs!
So we,
can open
And so on.
The creative genius is amazing.

They get to open their stocking gits right away, which means trinkets and candy.
Because there just isn't enough sugar at Christmas already.

Then we have breakfast, and everybody gets dressed,
and we have Christmas devotions.

Then gifts.

And I love that we are home at Christmas and there is no hurry.

This is the formerly mentioned "tambourine" I had to search seven stores to find.
And there were only two left.

Tate wanted more soldiers so badly that he refused to even share any other wishes,
for fear they would edge out his soldiers.
Actually, he wanted two things.
Soldiers, and another bunny.
He got "bunny money".

Wyatt is reaching that hard-to-shop-for age of mostly growing out of toys,
but not being terribly excited about clothing or practical gifts.
Fortunately, he did appreciate the coolness and significance of this gift.

We open our gifts and play with them for awhile.
And then we go to Grampa and Gramma's house.


Felicity said...

I LOVE Star Wars Lego!!!
Oh yes, and so do my kids! ;-)
It's a bit sad for me when my kids start outgrowing toys -- they're so much more fun to shop for...

The dB family said...

Nooo! Really!? I didn't even think to get Bub one of those. On the other hand, he's so blonde, you only see it in the exact right lighting or in a snowstorm when snow collects on it. Seriously! First time I actually saw his moustache! I'm glad Wyatt appreciated his gift.


Q said...

While you may be slightly biased, it's not complete bias. Your sons are adorable, creative, and heading squarely towards godly man-hood. Good Job!

And SO glad we're not the only ones requiring munitions at the holidays. Nothing says, "Merry Christmas" like finding ammo in the stocking toe! :)

melanie said...

Your boys ARE cute =) er, handsome? since I'm not their mom, ya know.

Nice tambourine you found there.

Love the serenade of original lyrics!