Monday, December 13, 2010

Simple Woman 12-13-10

Simple Woman

For Today, December 13, 2010

Outside my window...  fog.  Which probably means a clear sky above it, and - possibly - the first glimpse of that long-lost shiny yellow orb.

I am thinking...  less than two weeks until Christmas (!) and what is left to do...

I am thankful for...  Kerry has some work (!), the absolutely joyful funeral/memorial service yesterday, and our local police... strange happenings in the neighborhood last night.

I am praying for...  a bloggy friend's son's surgery tomorrow, work to continue to come in,
and the boys (in general).

I am wearing...  not-leaving-the-house sweats.

I am creating...  still some Christmas secrets, but less, as I realize I really don't like sewing with a deadline.  Hmmm, creative options?

I am going...  still hoping to get Christmas cards out early this week... might be a pipe dream.  Couple more Christmas gifts to find, and lots of cookie-making :D

I am reading...  between books (myself), reading Young Fu of the Upper Yangtze to the boys.

I am hoping...  to get over this cold!  (Feeling better, but not all the way better...)

I am hearing...  the furnace, the washer, the dryer, and clickety tappity.

I am remembering...  people we hope to have over.  Christmas is a time of hospitality.

From the learning rooms...  converting metric/standard measurements, French Indochina, sit/set, rise/raise, lie/lay, identifying prime numbers, bene/bon (root words), simple machines (physics), and the last emperor of China.

From the kitchen...  thawing some pork for dinner, made molasses cookies last night, and the cupboards are full to over-flowing from recent Costco run.

Around the house...  Christmas everywhere :D  The last big thing was the boys' tree, with all their own ornaments on it.  But I think the wreath is still sitting on a chair in the dining room.  Nobody uses the front door!

On my mind...  prioritizing...

Noticing that...  we are almost, almost, to the shortest day of the year.  *sigh*

One of my favorite things...  coming home from the funeral yesterday to find the boys, full of testosterone and bluster, and armed with random items from the garage, ready to defend themselves from the unknown.  (Kerry was home with them, by the way.)

A few plans for the rest of the week...  I have grand hopes (delusions?) of having a full and productive school week.  This may not happen.  And it will be my fault if it doesn't ;D  We'd like to have another family or two over for dinner and/or evening.  Saturday we get together with my dad's side of the family - lots of food and fun, no gifts.  Then Sunday evening is the kids' Christmas program at church.  I know I've mentioned before how much I appreciate how low-key it is.  (They rehearsed the first time, yesterday.)  I have a shepherd (Gunnar), a wise man (Tate), and HerodtheKing (Wyatt).

Here is a picture I am sharing...

 Last year's program.
All my boys are visible, if you know where to look.
Gunnar is easy to find... he's glowing.

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melanie said...

Hey there, Friend!
Your kids' program does sound like a fun, enjoyable time =) I'm pleased to say our high schoolers are involved in ours this year!